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Baby Log

Version 1.4

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Baby Log

Joseph Fitzgerald

Productivity, Lifestyle

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In the middle of the night, it is hard to remember the last time you changed, fed, napped, and bathed your baby. This application allows you to quickly enter an activity with one touch. Optionally, you may log notes and details about the activity, such as the amount of the feeding and the length of sleep.

Some reviewers have missed the timer feature for things like sleep and feeding, so I want to be clear that this feature exists:
- You tap once to "start" an action like sleep.
- When the baby wakes, tap once to open the most recent sleep entry
- Tap once more to "stop" the timer and save this amount as the duration of sleep.
- Note that you may set a preference to see how long since the baby woke up or last went to sleep.

Don't hesitate to write me for help or to suggest a new feature.

Features include:
-Tracks diapers, feedings (in minutes L/R, ounces, or milliliters), sleep, and baths
"Other" category to track pumping, medicine, or other activities
-One-touch log entry
-Export to email in CSV format for import into spreadsheet
-Computes statistics for the last week (diapers/day, feeding/day, sleep/day)
-Timer and Log views
-Twins capable - shake device to switch between babies
-Optionally write notes for each entry

Release Notes

Retina display support
Fixed export ampersand issue
Added patent license

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