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Right Angle

Version 4.3.1

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4 / 5

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Right Angle

Jerry Mayers

Productivity, Utilities

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Right Angle is a calculator for iOS, it specializes in solving right triangles. There are 4 common values in a right triangle that most people are concerned with.

Opposite or Rise
Adjacent or Base
Hypotenuse or Slope
Using Right Angle you can enter any two values and it will solve for the remaining two. To make this convenient Right Angle supports entry of lengths in metric or imperial units. When in imperial mode entry and output can be in feet, inches with decimal or inches with fractions. In metric mode meters, centimeters, and millimeters. Angles can be entered or calculated in degrees, radian, degrees minutes seconds, % grade, x over 12.

Now you can solve segments of circles and oblique triangles with optional add-ons.

Other features:
- Tap and Drill charts
- Fractions to decimal chart
- Pop up calculator for independent calculations

Release Notes

- Bug fixes

Right Angle screenshot oneRight Angle screenshot twoRight Angle screenshot threeRight Angle screenshot four