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Version 3.0.1

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Louis Franco

Productivity, Lifestyle

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Form good habits (and break bad ones) with a quick dashboard. Instantly know where you are awesome and where you need to focus. Get reminders to keep you on track. Add motivational photos to inspire you.

Habits is the only app that lets you see the full history of all of your habits in an easy to use way. The Habit score represents your full history in a 0-100 score with your current activity counting more than your past. Doing your habit on time and more often increases your score.

Unlike a recurring event in your calendar, a habit doesn't have to be done at an exact time and keeping these items separate means your calendar won't be cluttered.

Whether you're trying to Get Things Done, Sharpen the Saw (from Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) or keep a Seinfeld Calendar (of streaks), Habits is the perfect application for you.

- The home screen shows a sorted list of habits (in the order you should do them)
- Habits will make sure you get a notification of a habit that needs to be done, even if you aren't running the app (new in 2.0) and with photos on iOS 10 (new in 3.0.1)
- For each habit, get a report on how well you are doing, as well as a calendar view with full history (rotate the phone when looking at a habit)
- Skip a habit, and have Habits remind you the next time you have to do it.
- Pause a habit (for vacations or business trips) and not have it count against you.
- Keeps track of your longest and current streak
- Get Help within the application.

Release Notes

New features:
- Notifications show the motivating photo on iOS 10+
- Habits can be multi-line on the home page (finally!)
- More options for when photos are shown (see settings)
- Lots of little bugfixes

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