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Coordinates Converter

Version 2.2

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4 / 5

Votes 26

Coordinates Converter

Narut Sutakawatin

Navigation, Utilities

AUD 1.49

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Convert between geographical coordinates format easily with Coordinates Converter!
No sophisticated procedures need. Just type in the coordinates and it will be converted to other formats instantly on the fly. You can even get coordinates of your current location in 5 different formats!

- Convert between 5 geographical coordinate formats: Decimal Degrees, Degrees/Minutes, Degrees/Minutes/Seconds/UTM WGS84 and MGRS
- Convert as you type. Easy to use interface
- View coordinate on map
- Locate your current location
- Export coordinate to Email or Text message
- Copy desire coordinate format and paste in any other app

Release Notes

Bugs fixed.

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