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Math Trainer

Version 1.5

Content Rating 4+

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Math Trainer

Dr. Hartmut Kocher

Education, Entertainment

AUD 2.99

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Math Trainer - The Personal Trainer for Your Brain.

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By using Math Trainer regularly, you can improve your mental arithmetic skills. Just a few minutes a day will keep your brain young. And it‘s fun too!

Math Trainer supports multiple profiles. Each can be customized to select the number range and supported operators. So you can create different profiles for family members, or for different types of exercises.

By keeping track of past results you can even visualize how you are performing over time.

Math Trainer offers three disciplines:
- Simple exercises must be answered by typing in the correct result.
- Multiple choice exercises lets you select the correct result from six proposed solutions.
- Equation chains are the most challenging mode. You have to order 5 equations such that the result of the previous equation equals the first operand of the next equation.

- Multiple profiles
- Profile settings include max. number range from 20 - 10,000 and choice of operators
- Score details include errors and time
- Performance over time displayed as list and diagram
- 3 different types of exercises, so you don‘t get bored
- Learning mathematics has never been so easy

For more detailed information see our website.
Try it - you‘ll like it. Don‘t go for less!

Release Notes

Math Trainer has been updated to support more recent versions of iOS including iOS 7. Also new devices with retina display and larger displays are now supported.
Some bugs have been remedied as well.

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