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Speed Fiend Free

Speed Fiend Free

Jake O'Brien




Games, Arcade, Card





Download Speed Fiend Free on the Appstore 
This is the free version of our popular game Speed Fiend. If you like it, the full version has 5 more difficult levels, two-player mode, leaderboards on GameCenter and no ads.

Speed Fiend is the fast-paced, addicting card game Speed (also known as Spit) for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It involves quick thinking and quick fingers, and game play is perfectly suited for the iPhone's touch screen.

Even people who don't like card games love Speed. Unlike most card games, there are no turns. You play as fast as you can against your computer opponent to be the first to play all your cards. It is just as addictive and easy to learn as Solitaire, but plays like an arcade game and adds the challenge of developing quick reflexes.

The rules are simple. You play cards by dragging them onto the discard piles. You can play a card if your card is one higher or lower than it. Tap your reserve deck to draw more cards. If you play all your cards before your opponent, you win. If you've played Spoons or Spit, this is similar. (Full instructions in application.)

Amazing User Reviews (Full Version)
"Once I started I couldn't put it down, its on pause now."

"From the moment I started playing, I played for twenty minutes without realizing it. I would say that this is one of my favorite apps yet."

"Fast graphics and 99 cents make this my new favorite game!!"

"Finally the appstore got the best card game ever. Well worth... read more 

Vampire Racing Go Cart - Count Dracula vs Werewolf street fights

Vampire Racing Go Cart - Count Dracula vs Werewolf street fights

Thidarat Phaphakdi




Games, Sports, Racing





Download Vampire Racing Go Cart - Count Dracula vs Werewolf street fights on the Appstore 
Let have a joy ride on an awesome Go Cart Racing with vampire and feel great on the night of halloween.

This addictive and fun app will have you at the edge of your seat!

Vampire Racing Go Cart features:
• Racing with your friend by multiplayer mode
• Cool Go Cart to ride and drive
• Achieve extra points for completing the levels on time
• Super easy controls for steering and driving up the Go cart

The fun is about to begin... Start your engines! Enjoy!... read more 

Universal Candy Burst - Match3 Swapping Game

Universal Candy Burst - Match3 Swapping Game

Natthaphat� Worraphatpimuk




Games, Action, Education, Puzzle





Download Universal Candy Burst - Match3 Swapping Game on the Appstore 
Universal Candy Burst!!!!

The BEST Universal Candy Burst game ever!! Switch and match & Splash Candies to challenge hundreds of levels!!

It' one of the best match-3 games on Store! Match 3 combined with a joy of a funny Bubble game or more matching candies and watch them pop like fireworks while enjoying the unicorns go by. 300 + new levels to choose from! Hours and hours of fun!

- Easy and fun to play, but hard to be master!
- Hundreds of funny levels, each one is unique!
- Amazing music and sound effects!
- Colorful and vivid graphics!

Thanks all people who play our game! Great way to pass the time and challenge your ability to apply strategy

The rule of this game is simple, all you have to do is to target the same candy lollipop character. Once you shoot three the same Bubble candy cupcake, you earn point and when the goal is done, you go to the next level. However, once the space is full and the game ends.

Download now and enjoy the game with your friends through this game's online sharing feature! Its a pretty cool game a love it specialy for killing time... read more 

Fiends - aa Monster Twist | Precision Shooting Game

Fiends - aa Monster Twist | Precision Shooting Game

Hakan Tatar




Games, Strategy, Entertainment





Download Fiends - aa Monster Twist | Precision Shooting Game on the Appstore 
In a faraway world, the creatures await with a challenge. A challenge to test the very limits of human hand eye coordination. An epic adventure to test your accuracy skills and get addicted to an ultimate strategy game.

We bring you an adventurous twist to your favorite classic aa games! Welcome to the world of cute speedy monsters to pump up that adrenaline of precision shooting aa games. Shoot as accurately and strategically as you can between the curly tentacles of the cute little rotating monsters.

Avoid hitting the arms and advance through thousands of levels to an ultimate monster encounter. How far you think you can go?

## Monster Features ##
-- Addictive Intuitive Graphics & Gameplay
-- 2000 Levels of Fun-filled Ultimate Challenges
-- 6 Cute Yet Vicious Monsters to Play with.
-- The more you advance, the harder and tougher the monsters get.
-- More updates soon!

Game On :)

Share the game and challenge your friends. Give your valuable feedback and comments on: [email protected]... read more 

Blobsy Adventure

Blobsy Adventure

Rammin'Speed Entertainment Ltd Oy




Games, Arcade, Adventure





Download Blobsy Adventure on the Appstore 
Blobsy is a fast-paced arcade shooter in which you help Blobsies™ with their epic adventure through many levels, missions and worlds.Blobsy™ and his friends need your help saving their microscopic worlds!

Gameplay is simple but requires tactics: you help Blobsies what, when and how to shoot.
Blobsies shoot using their own mass: if they hit their enemies and let the bubblified enemy come back to them they regain that used mass. If they miss, or the enemy reaches Blobsy, they lose mass. Simple? Not so fast: there are different enemies with varied abilities and speeds: you must think carefully (but fast!) whom to shoot first. Additionally, when you have bubblified enough enemies you unlock your Blobsy's special power: that can really make a difference in a tight spot!

Run into a difficult level? Try some boosts to help you! Or buy additional Blobsies: each of them have different abilities and even special powers so try them and see which one suits your playing style best! Also, because they are social beings, they enjoy each others company so get them all!

Have fun exploring the (micro)worlds of Blobsy Adventure™!... read more 
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