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Furious Car Game

Version 1.0

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

Votes 1

Furious Car Game

Psycho Bear Studios

Games, Entertainment, Board, Racing

AUD 0.00

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Are you ready for a car building puzzle game to challenge your driving skills? Then Furious Car Game is for you. Rev up your motor because it's time for a crash course in car building, driving stunts and racing against the clock. It's a nitro-fueled addictive adrenaline rush! Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

How to Play

1. Join and match up an empty set of wheels with a car body by dragging and sliding them together. Do it for each car. This completes the car build process.
2. You must be real fast to ensure your survival. If time runs out, game over. Finish in time and earn bonus points.
3. Avoid any obstacles that want want to keep you immobile in a parking lot.

There's a wide array of car makes, trucks, and tractors in the world. "Moto" Loving starts at an early age with toy cars and Legos, that eventually turns into a lifelong driving passion for everyone from babies, and toddlers, to kids, teens, and adults of age ages.

Furious Car Game will appeal to so many car lovers. It challenges your mind as well, by making you focus your train of thought in a big way to quickly build cars, unblock mini obstacles, and beat the clock! The payoff is Huge, because of the speed and skill you need to win!

Download Furious Car Game Today , and never experience the fear of a speeding ticket again!

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The Developer Psycho Bear Studios also wrote the apps listed below, click the icon to visit the pages.

Make Me Old : Photo editing and effects to look older
Make Me Old : Photo editing and effects to look older

"☆☆☆☆☆ - This is the app that will have your friends begging to make them old!" -

Take any photo and add effects to make you look 50 years older.

If you've ever wondered what you will look like in 50 years, then "Make Me Old" is the app for you. Take a photo of your friend and turn him or her into an old Geezer. It's as if you spent hours editing his or her picture in photoshop. But with Make Me Old, there is not photo editing or photo effects that you need to manually apply. The aging effects are all automatic and will blow you away.

One day, we will all be elderly, but you can see how you'll look when that day comes. Free for a limited time, Make Me Old will have you laughing at the funny images.

Works with any stored image or you can use your camera. It's like entering an alien aging or old booth that transforms you. Easy to use, with no editing required.

Tired of games and puzzles? Don't want to think about strategy? Then relax and use Make Me Old, an awesome entertainment app for iphone, ipad, and ipod.

So say to yourself, " Make me older " and get this app.

See what you look like as you age yourself 50+ years. . Download "MAKE ME OLD" right now!...
Hobbit Horse Free
Hobbit Horse Free

** Save $2.99 - FREE THROUGH TODAY! **

☆☆☆☆☆ - "Super fun play value that keeps you coming back to beat all the levels." - MonsterFree Apps

☆☆☆☆☆ - "Watching your character jump onto a hobbit horse and ride the small pony is reason enough to get this!" - AppReviewer

Runs Great on the iPhone 5

You are a top archeologist on an expedition to find the legendary Infinity Gem.

After years of searching, you have found it in an old ruin called the ‘Hobbit Horse Temple.‘

You soon learn that taking the infinity gem has consequences. The temple has a guardian, and this guardian releases a terrible monster that will race after you.

If that isn’t bad enough, the infinity gem will explode if you take it off the temple running paths.

In Hobbit Horse, you have to run, jump, and slide under obstacles and avoid man-eating plants, trap doors, spike pits, and fallen trees.

The monster is faster than you and will slowly catch you and kill you. Along your way are red jewels which give you a boost of speed so that you can outrun the monster for a short period of time.

If you are lucky, you will run into the legendary hobbit horse, that is faster than the chasing temple monster. Jump onto the Hobbit Horse’s back for a fast escape.

As you go racing through the jungle, you’ll encounter powerups that allow you to become ethereal, resurrect, and even run into coin powerups.

Each level has a portal that is opened up after you collect enough red jewels. Pass through the portal and onto the next level.

Can you beat all 18 levels and escape with the Infinity Gem?

Hobbit Horse is a great adventure and action game that both kids and adults should enjoy. Get ready to have the best time.

Enjoy all the levels which include hobbit horse riding, speed gems, spiked pits, deadly logs, exploding relics, man eating plants, super coins, and more.

The game runs great on the iphone 5, iphone 4s, iphone 4, ipod touch, and ipad 2 and 3....
Micro DJ Free - Party music audio effects and mp3 songs editing
Micro DJ Free - Party music audio effects and mp3 songs editing

The #1 DJ app 2 years straight!

"An Amazing Audio Editing App that you can play with for hours!" - MFA

Micro DJ is a HIT! Reaching the Music "Top 10" in Australia, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, and many more places! Thanks!!!

Turn all your music into NEW creations.

Micro DJ is a tiny audio editing device for your pocket. Become a little DJ with this free app for the iphone, ipod, or ipad.

You can take any song from your library and edit the pitch, speed, tempo, and create interesting sound effects.

Micro DJ allows you to turn female singers into male singers, within seconds. Find out what Britney Spears sounds like as a man. Find out what Rihanna sounds like as a guy.

Micro DJ takes any music style you like, and makes it sound brand new:
or any other music

Create an effect, change the song, and save that audio file as an MP3 to your device or post it online at facebook or twitter.

Micro DJ is super easy to use, is free, and is a great little mixer to mix things together, change up songs, and play them for your friends....
Monster Bow And Arrow Game Free
Monster Bow And Arrow Game Free

☆☆☆☆☆ - "Superb Graphics and delightful music." - MonsterFreeApps

Monster bow and arrow is a game where you ( an elf ) shoot the little green gremlin monster off the head of another character, with your arrow.

Have fun while shooting the arrow at further distances with each level that you pass.

As you hit your target, your target will move further and further away through the forest. Improve your hunting skills by building up your accuracy. The hunt will be easier after this.

Beautiful artwork for the iphone / ipod, and Ipad.

This game isn’t just for boys or little kids. This is an archery game the whole family will love. After all, who doesn't love a good game of old fashioned bow and arrow ....
Amazing Horse Run Adventure
Amazing Horse Run Adventure

Horse run adventure is an adventure racing game where you race your horse through the jungle, trying to pass zebras, boars, and the occasional elephant.

Go as fast as you can to get to full running speed, but don't jump out into the grass -- stay on the trail.

See if you can best your score each time.

A great and fun game for kids, both boys and girls, and even the adults....
Make Me Old & Ugly Extreme
Make Me Old & Ugly Extreme

Make Me Old & Ugly Extreme will take your normal image or camera shot, and turn you into an extremely old looking person.


Tap one button for instant auto editing of your photo to make your age look much older than it is.

You can use a saved image or images, or you can choose the camera mode to take a photo.

Make me Old & Ugly extreme is an awesome photo editor that does it all automatically for you, to see how old and ugly you will end up being.

Convert your picture now and see how you will look when you are older. Will you still be attractive or hideous?

For entertainment purposes only....
Feed It !
Feed It !

Feed it! Or it will eat you, and then everything in your village, then the whole kingdom, possibly expanding out to all nations.

This tiny dragon is insatiable, and the king and queen have tasked you with quite an adventure -- to make sure you feed it frogs, fowl, and even little monsters. There’s even cake you can kick over to the dragon.

You do this by shooting the food into its mouth. But your baby elephant friend in diapers doesn’t make the job any easier as he blows air at you, causing your tosses to arc. Your buddy should mind his own business.

Miss too much, and the tiny dragon will starve. Then the dragon lord will come and make you pay for your crime by eating up all the boys and girls in your city, and then move on to eat all kids in the world. For this there is no defense. This failure would not be a good story to tell over the ages. In fact it would be a top failure for sure.

So grab a frog before it jumps away, and shoot it right into the mouth of the dragon. Try different lands, such as Hobbit Land and Mushroom Village, to spice things up. There’s even a beautiful park just outside the zombie tower next to ace city. But don’t fall into the pitfall of going too quickly without aiming. Where there’s patience, there is success.

Let’s cut to the chase... Feed It! is an amazing and addictive free game requiring a little strategy and good aiming. But it’s a race against time as you chase the goal of filling the little dragon up. This may just be the best time you’ll ever have. Will you get dragon mania?

Beautiful HD retina graphics for iphone and ipad. Get it, it’s a smart choice....
Tiny Dragon Jump Free
Tiny Dragon Jump Free

☆☆☆☆☆ "One of the best, most fun, and most challenging puzzle games we have tried this year." - MonsterFreeApps

There’s a tiny dragon on the loose, and your job is to catch it.

You do this by trying to trap it onto the stones that it is hopping on. It’s easier said that done.

The dragon wants to jump to the edge of the screen and then off to freedom. But you must stop it.

To do this, you tap on a stone to remove it. The Tiny dragon is smart though and will try to move along another path of stones. Try to remove enough stones to trap the dragon on an island, and then one by one you can remove them until you have it locked down to just one stone.

It’s a simple puzzle game to play, but hard game to master.

This game is not suitable for people with IQ levels of dogs. If you are feeling smart, give Tiny Dragon Jump a shot and see what you think....
Remember or Die - Free Game
Remember or Die - Free Game

☆☆☆☆☆ - “This is like an iPhone/iPad version of the 1980‘s hit electronic game, Simon. If you liked that, you will love this!” - Game Reviewer

Remember or Die is a simple game. Play back the notes played for you, by tapping the monsters n the order in which you heard them. Tap the wrong one, and you die!

Succeed, and the next level becomes harder, testing your IQ and brain power.

Continue to match up your taps to what is shown.

Find out how smart you are compared to your friends.

Test yourself using this scale:


★ 1 to 2: Almost as smart as a cockroach
★ 3 to 4: The mind of tadpole
★ 5 to 6: About as smart as a rabbit
★ 7 to 8: Brain power of a typical dog
★ 8 to 10: A low IQ adult human
★ 11 to 15: Smarter than the average person
★ 15 to 20: Smarter than most college professors
★ 21+ You have Albert Einstein’s brain!

Turn off the tv or movie, and get ready to test your brain power. Test your memory. Beat the monsters at own memory game to be the best. What score will you get?

You can change the sounds to guitar or piano sounds as well.

This is a very clever game for the whole family, both for kids of all ages, and adults. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl, come have fun with this free game, and enjoy!...
Slender Girl
Slender Girl

☆☆☆☆☆ - “This is a scary looking, but beautiful game. And it’s fun too. Play if you dare!” - AppReviews

You are a a slender girl on a run from the arrival of a new evil into your forest. This evil has already half transformed you, but you must escape before it can fully complete the transformation.

But this horrific force has made your run and jump escape even more difficult, by adding obstacles that will kill you.

If you can reach 600 meters, you are better than 90% of the world.

If you can reach 700 meters, you are better than 99% of the world.

How far can you run?

*MULTIPLAYER* - Play against your facebook friends

*FREE UPGRADES* - The more friends you challenge and play, the more free powerups you get.

Side scrolling action will suck you in.

This game involves quick reflexes, a little bit of strategy, and a lot of nerve.

Play if you dare!...
Running Gangnam Style
Running Gangnam Style

“One of the funniest and best side scrolling runner games I have come across. It’s awesome!” - GameReviewer

This is the story of a man who only wanted to dance.

But this man had his own style. Not only could he dance, but he could be athletic with the dance. He could jump over and slide under objects while doing the dance.

He knew that one day, this dance would be part of the olympics. So he is training now in preparation.

In this game, you are preparing your character for these future olympics. You are getting him into shape. He will be running through an obstacle course that is relentless.

The running will get faster with every passing second, testing your reflexes and pushing your reaction time to the limit.

It has been rumored that this incredible Gangman style was even used my actors, singers, and professional sports athletes.

Do you have the Gangnam Style ? Find out in this great game.

MULTIPLAYER - Now play with all of your facebook friends with turn-based multiplayer gaming.

POWER UPS - You can resurrect and restart where you died, and you can also slow down time to make things easier.

This is a parody of the popular Gangnam Style rage that is sweeping the world, and we know that boys, girls, kids, and adults will all love this addictive and fun adventure game.

PS: If you DON'T play multiplayer, you are missing out on all the fun!!!...
Gangnam Party Escape
Gangnam Party Escape

☆☆☆☆☆ - “This is a really fun puzzler that really challenges you and makes you come back one more time... and then one more time after that!” - AppGameReviews

In the Gangnam district of Seoul, Korea, there is an imposter trying to make people think he is the real famous singer.

This singer is in a party dance club, and people have found out about his lies. He is on the run!

You are now playing for the fans and trying to TRAP the singer.

Game Play - The Game play is simple... try to trap the escaping character onto an island of floor panels. You do this by tapping floor panels to remove them so that the singer has nowhere to go.

Once trapped, remove the tiles one at a time until you win.

This is a fun, strategy based game suitable for the whole family....
Rocket Dino
Rocket Dino

You, as a Dino, are going to enjoy your crazy adventurous flights to space.

Your rocket is ready. 3, 2, 1…launch!

Experience the awesomeness while flying your Dino cart through the stars.

Boost your speed with a blast of dynamite or use cute little wings to complete your milestones.

Share you success with your friends on Facebook to double the fun.

Earn precious coins and beautiful gems as you go about your journey.

Amazing physics of this galaxy ride will surely hook any kid to their device for hours!

Download this game to feel the excitement now!...
Sword Craft 3D Game - Fun Fantasy World Gone Odd
Sword Craft 3D Game - Fun Fantasy World Gone Odd

Get ready to play the best adventure game available in the app store!

Explore new worlds, collect coins and kill your enemies to clear levels.

Search for swords throughout your journey and defend yourself against your enemies. Be careful! They are very dangerous and want to stop you from collecting your gold coins!

Tap and slide your device screen to rotate your gameplay view. Tap the arrow to jump. Do not ignore the timer and the number of coins needed to clear each level.

Download this amazing game now for hours of fun!...
Dragon Cube 1 : hardest puzzle game ever
Dragon Cube 1 : hardest puzzle game ever

Enjoy this adventurous puzzle. Make strategic moves and save the dragon from the dangerous monster.

Free the dragon by destroying the traps. Land the dragon on the ground safely, avoiding him falling off of screen and you beat the level.

-One-button simple control.
-Awesome graphics and sounds.
-Physics based effects and animations.
-Brain teaser and sure shot time killer

Challenge your friends and see who clears more levels!...
Snail Dentist : Fun Baby Games
Snail Dentist : Fun Baby Games

Did you know Snails need their teeth cleaned just like you do?

They use their Radula teeth for cutting plants and eating them.

Snails know you are the best dentist; so they want you to be their Snail Dentist!

As a snail dentist, you will use interesting tools for brushing, polishing, shining, teeth removing, and much much more!

Tap to clean the teeth; more dirty teeth need more taps. And multiple taps are required for the tooth germ!

Each upper level will be little harder and tricky. Clean all the teeth within the fixed time and clear the levels. You can also buy special tools to power up your treatments!

Get this funny dentist game and start cleaning snails teeth!!...
Fun Whale Dentist - Big teeth in the ocean of fish
Fun Whale Dentist - Big teeth in the ocean of fish

You are a whale dentist!

You work on the largest animal in the world. You try to clean teeth while not getting swallowed whole.

Whale's teeth are very big and they also need to clean their teeth like you!

Get this funny dentist game and set up your own dental office in the sea! Take care of whale's teeth!

Perform different dental operations and brighten the whales teeth! You will enjoy brushing, cleaning, teeth removing, filling and much more.

You have limited time to fix all the teeth, so hurry up, Dentist!

Do not tap the whale’s closed mouth, as he does not like that Try to kill the teeth germs at first otherwise they will harm all the teeth!

Download this game now and have fun being a Whale Dentist!!!...
Horse Dentist
Horse Dentist

Your horse is suffering from serious teeth problems! It’s your job, as an animal dentist, to clean the horses teeth!

Play with amazing dental instruments and fix your horses teeth. Just tap to clean the teeth but do not tap the closed mouth of your horse, he does not like that!

You have limited time to fix up all of your horses rotten teeth! Some teeth need multiple taps if they are totally rotten. Kill the tooth bug first and it will make your job so much easier!

You will enjoy different types of dental operation such as brushing, cleaning, washing and many more!

Clean the teeth, clear levels, and earn points. Do not forget to use your power ups, they will help you to clean the teeth quickly!

Don't be late DOCTOR! Get this game and have fun with your horses teeth!!!...
Jet War - Air Combat Fighting Game
Jet War - Air Combat Fighting Game

Jump into your fighter plane, its time to go to war! Shoot, attack, and flank the enemy planes!

Fly your fighter plane high above the clouds and shoot down enemy planes. Defend from missile attacks by directly firing on them. During the game, you can gradually enhance your airplane’s weapons and defenses.

12 levels
- Unique Aircraft
- High-Quality Graphics

This game is so addicting you will spend hours playing it!...
Gorilla Dentist
Gorilla Dentist

Did you know that bananas are gorillas favorite food? They eat bananas throughout the whole day, so their teeth get very dirty!

Start your own animal dental clinic and be the first ever GORILLA DENTIST!

There are lots of patients so, don't be late DOCTOR! Hurry up!

You have funny dental care instruments to clean gorilla's teeth. Tap to start cleaning. Kill the tooth bug!

Do not forget to get the super tools to speed up your treatments.

Get this game and enjoy cleaning gorilla's teeth! Have fun!!!...
Slots: Double Down Egyptian Slot Machine
Slots: Double Down Egyptian Slot Machine

Get this Amazing HD slots game now!

Have a party with the best and most fun slot machine game ever created!

Fantastic gambling and betting experience that will remind you of classic Las Vegas slots.

Hit Double Down Jackpots and win extra gold coins in the most addicting bonus mini-game rounds.

See if you are lucky?...
2 Times Pay Slot Machine
2 Times Pay Slot Machine

Are you bored with slot games because they do not pay out enough?

If you are searching for high paying slot games, your search is over now!

Yes, "2 Time Pay slot machine" is one of the top paying slot games in Appstore!

The most addictive and realistic slot game you will ever play outside of a real casino!

Very easy to play and easy to win BIG! Get this slot machine and WIN big!

What are you waiting for? Everything about an awesome slot game is here!

Download this slot game now and get test your luck!...
Pumpkin Tree Defense - a zombie shooter game
Pumpkin Tree Defense - a zombie shooter game

The year is 3014! Zombies are everywhere! They are killing every single human!

Now, zombies are attacking your Halloween pumpkin tree!

Three female army soldiers are trying to protect the tree from this crazy zombie horde! But they need your co-operation.

You are the shooting COMMANDO of an army special force!

Your job is to protect the pumpkin tree by shooting from your fighter tank!

Depending on the attacking situation choose either the machine gun or the rocket launcher.

Use the sights to shoot enemies from further distances. It will increase your shooting accuracy.

If the tree barricades have been knocked over, tap to flip them back up.

Be careful of jeeps and other vehicles; they will shoot down the barricades one by one, so take them out fast!

In each mission you have to kill a certain number of zombies; prepare yourself SHOOTER!

Are you ready for this challenging mission? Come, do it fast!

Download this game now!...
Bacteria Game
Bacteria Game

Are you looking for a game that will challenge your mind? Look no further.

Bacteria Game is an amazing game of skill where you try to connect all the bacteria to one another without crossing back over to a bacteria you have already used.

It may seem simple, and it starts out that way, but each level gets progressively harder.

The game includes rocks, mirror, and other objects to increase the difficulty.

If you get stuck, you can use HINTS to help you out.

Download Bacteria Game today!...
Face Bomb Fun - swap faces on your camera with friends and family
Face Bomb Fun - swap faces on your camera with friends and family

The most hilarious and funny app on the app store!

Take a photo of you and your friend or pull one from your camera library.

Now tap the swap button, and watch how Face Bomb Fun automatically takes your faces and swaps them on your head!

Incredibly easy to use - one tap!

Adjustable flipping, brightness, tint, size, and rotation for those that want the ultimate in control.

When done, post the image to facebook or save it to your device.

Download Face Bomb Fun right now!...
Where's The Zombie ? - Fun Free Puzzle Games For Kids ( Boys or Girls )
Where's The Zombie ? - Fun Free Puzzle Games For Kids ( Boys or Girls )

Where's the Zombie?

Under water it would seem. Can you free him before he drowns or gets eaten by fish and sharks?

The game is simple to play:

Tap and hold the screen and then pull in the direction you want to shoot.

Release the screen and you will fire a bullet.

If the bullet hits the chain, the chain will break and your zombie will be set free to float to the top!

This is the perfect game for the whole family and friends. Boys, girls, mom, dad... it doesn't matter -- everybody will love the challenging levels.

Download Where's the Zombie today!...
Extreme Party Fun Slots - Best Casino Games
Extreme Party Fun Slots - Best Casino Games

The #1 extreme PARTY SLOTS app is finally here!

Reach out and pull back on that slot machine handle.


Download Extreme Party Fun Slots Today and find out why it's so much fun!...
Lucky Diamond Slots App - Fun Gamble Games Casino Style
Lucky Diamond Slots App - Fun Gamble Games Casino Style

The premiere slots machine game is now available on your device!


Spin to get the royal kings and win a mega jackpot!

Las Vegas style casino slot action that will entertain you for hours.

Can you break the casino's bank? Give it a try and see!

Download Lucky Diamond Slots Today!...

Get the feel if playing in a live Las Vegas casino with this app!

Everything about this app is so realistic from the sounds to the smooth gameplay to the payouts that you will swear that you are sitting in a chair in front of your favorite Las Vegas slot machine.

But this is even BETTER than a slot machine in Las Vegas? Why? Because you can play any time, anywhere.

Download this slot machine game and enjoy hours of pure fun and entertainment!...
Cowboy Run Game
Cowboy Run Game

"Cowboy Run" is the most exciting runner game in the Appstore!

You play as the cowboy riding his horse in the wild wild west.

Your horse is running very fast but there are lots of obstacles in the road.

You have to jump over them or slide under them!

Tap left side of the screen to jump over an obstacle and tap right side of the screen to slide under an obstacle.

This amazing and exciting running game will entertain you hour after hour!...
Bow And Arrow City vs. Big Rock Monsters : Fun Hunting Games
Bow And Arrow City vs. Big Rock Monsters : Fun Hunting Games

In a jungle you are collecting coins but big rock monsters are running after you!

Your job is to collect all the coins and kill the monsters to clear a level!

Search around for the lucky swords when collecting the coins. These swords will help you defend yourself vs the big rock monsters.

Kill the monsters immediately when you have the lucky sword or they will kill you!

Easy to play but lots of FUN!

Download this game right now!...
Hot Run Army Workout
Hot Run Army Workout

You goal, as an army cadet, is to clear the final fitness test with the highest score to win the game.

Enjoy this addictive jump and run game with easy to understand 2d gameplay and simple to play controls.

Kids, boys and girls will get addicted to it as soon as they start playing it and even the adults in the family are going to love this game.

Also, check your hand-eye coordination with this exciting game!

There will be various hanging, static and moving obstacles in your way. So quickly Jump over or slip through them to reach your goal!

Get this game now to challenge your friends and see who gets the highest score!...
Free The Elf
Free The Elf

Some evil creatures trapped the Eldoroff prince in the forest!

Now, needs your help to escapet from the trap!

Your job is to break the chains and free him!

Tap to throw balls at the chain and break it! Be careful, you have only 10 balls to shoot to clear a level.

This is an awesome puzzle game for all ages, kids and adults.

Get this game and save the Elf right now!...
Card Wars - Tower Catch : With Rare Fantasy Adventure Decks
Card Wars - Tower Catch : With Rare Fantasy Adventure Decks

Monster Boss Cards to collect after each level!

You start by catching falling gems and other objects from an ancient pyramid. Watch out for explosives and bombs!

If you catch all of the objects safely, you will pass the level and collect one of the boss creature cards.

Do you think you have what it takes to collect the whole card collection?

Come find out!


Download this game right now!...
Easter Games 2014 - Bunny Egg Treasure Hunt
Easter Games 2014 - Bunny Egg Treasure Hunt

Come jump into this exciting world of candy and easter eggs.

You play as a rabbit, and you must defend yourself and your candy world against the deadly beasts and creepy enemies who are on a mission to steal your treasure!

Protect your treasure by kicking and punching the enemy and send them back to their own worlds!

Also, defeating the enemies earns you coins. Use those to become more powerful and resilient!

This engaging fighting game is bound to keep you playing for hours on end!

Are you ready for the challenge? Then, to beat the ultimate boss and rule the world, get this Now!!!...
War of Thrones - A Game of Royal Revolution
War of Thrones - A Game of Royal Revolution

In this 3D war adventure, defend your clan against the enemies to be the Ultimate king of your world!

Keep an eye on the radar and kill them as they attack your base!

Warrior! You have some insane arms with you. So go get ready!

Use your insanely powerful machine gun and ruthless rocket launchers to blow away the enemy!

And don’t forget to use the air strike team as a backup to quickly clear the field.

Win the war and bring the royal revolution by getting this game now!...
3D Robot Rampage: Valley of the Block Iron Monument
3D Robot Rampage: Valley of the Block Iron Monument

Imagine exploring a world as a block headed super hero, and saving that world from zombie terror!

You're Leo the robot. Leo's mission is to get to level 20.

Run through the streets of this amazing world of imagination.

Avoid hurdles by jumping over them.

Blek Blok Blek Blok -- oh not, the sounds of incoming evil robots! Kill the evil zombie robots by tapping anywhere on the screen when you are in front of them.

Your armor is strong, so you can run through smaller robots.

Find your fortune by getting coins and use them to upgrade your super powers!

Challenge your friends and compete against them.

For hours of fun, get this endless running adventure now!...
Swipey Arrows - Hangman Edition
Swipey Arrows - Hangman Edition

"The most original hangman game we've ever played!" - App Reviews

"Work efficiency in the office dropped drastically when multiplayer battles of Swipey Arrow began.  Total fun!" - App Beta Team


The craziest, most addicting hangman inspired brain game ever!

Take the classic game of hangman, remove the part about using words, and add red and green arrows that drive you mad.  That's Swipey Arrows!

The gameplay is quite simple: Swipe the arrows left, right, up or down to save the hangman.

Sounds Easy, right? It's not! 

This brain teaser is going to give you a tough time!


If an arrow is green you must swipe in the direction it is pointing. 

If the arrow is red you must swipe the opposite direction. 


You are going to have to use your left brain and right brain at the same time to get this right.

You only have a very limited amount of time, so swipe fast!

You can play in single player mode or you can play multiplayer and challenge other people online to see who can keep their hangman from getting hanged the quickest.

**** You Must Be Logged Into GameCenter To Play Multiplayer****

Download this game right now for hours of brain teasing fun!


This game is highly addictive when played in multiplayer mode!...
Cowgirl Slots - Free Casino Slot Machine Games
Cowgirl Slots - Free Casino Slot Machine Games

Test your luck with this awesome sexy slot machine app!

It is even More fun than the real slots in Las Vegas.
Bet some coins and see if you can hit the jackpot!

To win big, download Cowgirl slots now!...
Age of Knights
Age of Knights

Two brave warriors are stuck in the dark land of the evil empire. Their enemies have sent a war army to destroy the two knights. The 2 knights must escape the battle and rush to their castle as quickly as possible.

Help the knights in their survival mission to become the lords of the medieval kingdom.

Controls are simple. Just use the onscreen controller to move the knights along the stone paths.

This app is so addictive and fun that you will be hooked to your device the moment you start playing this fantasy strategy game.

Fun for any age. Get into this adventure puzzle and become one of the legends by getting this game now!...
Fruit Fly Game
Fruit Fly Game

Oh Boy! Get ready this game was cherry picked just for you.

They say you can't compare apples to oranges...Phooey! Sure you can, in this new juices -flowing-exciting-multiplayer-action-game that you'll go bananas for!!!

It's called FRUIT FLY. You will become a fruit flying ninja, honing your awesome piloting skills as you navigate your fruit-propelled plane of sorts through the clouds and dodging trees. Put on your aviator shades and get ready for an adrenaline rush!

Ok. Here's how you play:
1) Name your Fruit Fly Friend
2) Tap the screen to maneuver fruit upwards
3) Beware the Evil Trees. Touch them and color of your fruit is black with you dead.
Tip: Learn to see the forest through the trees because mayhem erupts every 25 trees or so.

Extra Fruit Fly Goodies:
Help your Fruit Friend make a splash by choosing different customizations from the menu to personalize however you wish.

Things really start cooking when you access arcade leaderboards, and make videos to share to social media sites. Even share your best highest. game scores with friends.

5 out of every 5 medical doctors agree that Fruit Fly is good for you. It's chock full of antioxidants and it's gluten- free. It's recommended you eat as many game servings a day as possible.

So stop by the App Store on your way home and download a bushel of Fruity Fun Today!...
Alphabet Archery
Alphabet Archery

Alphabet Archery is like a children's spelling bee on steroids with pointy objects.

An archer with a bow and arrow is shooting words, abc letters and texts as his target. But There's educational learning taking place as well in the swirling midst of all this action and fun.

Simple Rules:
1. Words falling from above must be typed correctly before they hit the surface.
2. Type a letter right and your archer friend Shoots it out of the sky.
3. You get 60 seconds to clear all words and move to the next level. 7 levels to beat the game.

It's not phonics but you will be get hooked on Alphabet Archery. That's a fact!

This free flash card game of sorts involves hunting and shooting flying words motivated by your thirst for winning and learning.

Chat up your friends about this cool game pretty soon they will be hooked too!

With repeated practice you will soon be a master marksman of words and even if you mess up, no worries. Don't go tracing back your steps, just start the game over and carefully read the words and type them as quickly and efficiently as possible. You'll catch on in a flash!

Alphabet Archery is a instant favorite, that hits the bullseye of fun every time!

Download it today!...
Furious Car Game
Furious Car Game

Are you ready for a car building puzzle game to challenge your driving skills? Then Furious Car Game is for you. Rev up your motor because it's time for a crash course in car building, driving stunts and racing against the clock. It's a nitro-fueled addictive adrenaline rush! Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

How to Play

1. Join and match up an empty set of wheels with a car body by dragging and sliding them together. Do it for each car. This completes the car build process.
2. You must be real fast to ensure your survival. If time runs out, game over. Finish in time and earn bonus points.
3. Avoid any obstacles that want want to keep you immobile in a parking lot.

There's a wide array of car makes, trucks, and tractors in the world. "Moto" Loving starts at an early age with toy cars and Legos, that eventually turns into a lifelong driving passion for everyone from babies, and toddlers, to kids, teens, and adults of age ages.

Furious Car Game will appeal to so many car lovers. It challenges your mind as well, by making you focus your train of thought in a big way to quickly build cars, unblock mini obstacles, and beat the clock! The payoff is Huge, because of the speed and skill you need to win!

Download Furious Car Game Today , and never experience the fear of a speeding ticket again!...
Kitten Escape Game
Kitten Escape Game

What a Cat-astrophy--Your beloved kitty is lost and you desperately miss your pet. Play Kitten Escape to rescue your furry feline friend!

It's Easy To Play-
1) Drag lost kitty on the run over to the home base crate. Beware of blocks and jump over them to stay in the game.
2. Each puzzle is timed, so a speedy game of chase and catch is preferred.

You hear mewing sounds and meow noises so you know your lost pet couldn't have wondered off too far. Keep talking virtual kitten and I'll find you, sweetheart! Don't be angry because I misplaced you Mr. Wonderful Kitten! When you are home safe we'll shop for all the things you like to collect. The shopping spree of any pussycat's dreams , which includes feeding supplies, a spa day, fun toys to run, jump , and go fishing with!!!

As you can see , this game is perfect for cat lovers and those who enjoy a good challenge. Each level is a jigsaw puzzle clue closer to finding your lost pet. Follow the bread crumbs home as you reunite with your lost friend. This story has a happy ending and you win a hero! Hooray!!!

Before you take that catnap, download Kitten Escape because it's the cat's meow of mobile games!...