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efitekna - thermodynamics app

Version 1.2

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efitekna - thermodynamics app


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This is an app developed for the power engineer which is designing power plants of any kind.
Easily calculate water/steam properties, as well as with humid air and any mix of gases.
Also quickly solve energy balance calculations associated to typical equipment in power plants.
Presently available:
- Backpressure steam turbine with 1, 2, 3 or 4 stages with 3 inlets/extractions
- Deaerator including 2 independent condensate inlets and optional flash tank steam inlet
- Desuperheater valve
- Pressure reduction valve
- Open circuit cooling tower
- Water cooled steam condenser
- Air cooled steam condenser
- Rankine cycle calculation including steam turbine, steam condenser, cooling tower and pumping systems.
- Water to water heat exchanger

The app is under continuous development and will have in short many other elements..
To come: Gas turbine, reciprocating engine, condensation steam turbine, heat recovery boiler (HRSG), gas-fired boiler, single stage and double stage absorption chiller, combustor calculator, biomass boiler, steam turbine condenser, radiator water cooler, closed circuit cooling tower, water/steam heat exchanger, water/water heat exchanger, thermal oil heat recovery generator, hot water heat recovery generator, pipe size calculator, gas duct calculator, room ventilation system design .. up to 50 new and most useful items!

Release Notes

Second update of our app featuring:
. Added new element: Water to water heat exchanger.
. Added new element: Air cooled steam condenser.
. Added new element: Rankine cycle calculation (including steam turbine, steam condenser, cooling tower and pumping systems).
. Added new main button to Efitekna website.
. Added new main button to Efitekna LinkedIn.
. Added new main button to Efitekna mailing.

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