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cZeus Maths Challenger

Version 2.0.23

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 5 / 5

Votes 1

cZeus Maths Challenger

The Mathematical Games Company LTD


Juegos,Puzle,Juegos de mesa,Educación


Juegos, Puzle, Juegos de mesa, Educación

AUD 0.00

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Welcome to cZeus Maths Challenger

Practice numeracy, logic, mathematical fluency and problem-solving skills in a fun and refreshing way. cZeus, regularly referred to as the maths equivalent to the crossword, challenges the traditional methods of improving maths with an entertaining, competitive and slightly addictive educational game.

Widely praised by academic professors as an absorbing game leading to a deeper appreciation of mathematics.

Suitable for all age groups, cZeus Maths Challenger offers six difficulty levels from beginners to experts. You can:

• Boost brain power by playing a cZeus puzzle a day to keep your mind agile

• Master the cZeus game by learning its four simple rules

• Take on six different ability classes, from the tutorial Light class to the expert Demigod & Olympian classes. Your final challenge is to reach Titan status, yes you will be a maths wizard by this point!

• The Greek mythology theme brings maths to life and gives you a Godlike status.

• Refresh your cZeus knowledge with the easily accessible summary of cZeus rules and definitions.

• Start playing in the Training Camp, then participate as an individual or as a member of a team in competitions in the Tournament Hall. Join the regular weekly challenges or the public and private competitions.

• Earn coins by playing puzzles or watching free promotions. Spend your hard-earned coins on ........ read more

Release Notes

In this update, bugs were fixed.

Magic Meadow: Fruit Match-3

Version 3.8

Content Rating 9+

User Rating 1 / 5

Votes 1

Magic Meadow: Fruit Match-3

Mitosis Games Inc




Games, Puzzle, Family

AUD 0.00

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Journey through a storyline of wild magic as you restore your forest home to its breathtaking majesty!

Begin your voyage now! Win match-3 levels, build a forest parkland, make magical new friends while you discover the secrets of the ancient forest! Adventure awaits you… just step inside.

Game features:

• Addictive gameplay: match and swap, grow your forest, and set out on an adventure of a lifetime!
• Exciting match 3 levels: never before seen features, boosters and explosive combinations!
• New, unique match three levels added every week!
• Amazing 3D animations!
• A world of magic characters for you to make friends with!
• Explore different zones with different characters, landscapes and magic!
• A huge world to explore - discover all of its secrets!
• Send and receive gifts with your Facebook friends!

Play Forest Escape for FREE, with optional in-game items for purchase.

Questions or issues? Let us know at: [email protected] ........ read more

Release Notes

New levels added!

Escape Beach

Version 1.1.1

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

Votes 1

Escape Beach

Juan Du




Games, Simulation, Strategy

AUD 0.00

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Very rod of situation Chamber escape experience,creative extraordinary of Chamber escape type of new game,very Rod! let players can had through himself of eyes and hands operation,after observation and logic thinking,analysis,constantly of found tips and clues,can smooth of escape.whole process full has unknown sex and uncertainty,in tension of scene atmosphere in the,real of into to virtual scene of story in the to,this is a was excited of game,a new of 3D room escape escape out room or this simulation scene,Hidden object very key,you need solution different of,you can found different of object for combination these project success to escape out here.Chamber escape game,large of mystery problem,provoked you of brain,very with challenging of mystery problem,the game of purpose is open door.get free,using Chamber in the all hidden of object to solution problem,to into next Chamber or Xia about simulation environment.In this fun,addictive,free and popular puzzle game challenges.the operation is very simple,through a variety of actions,click,slide,g-sensor,and so on for the game.Each scene is a puzzle,each door is a mystery,clues in the scene through the game cracked open the door,a lot of very difficult puzzle game,constantly updated.In this fun,addictive,free and popular puzzle game to challenge yourself.exercising analytical and reasoning skills,you can play on ........ read more

Release Notes

fixed bugs.

Rush Ball-Dash To Paint Ground

Version 1.2.3

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4.5 / 5

Votes 6

Rush Ball-Dash To Paint Ground

Jelly Harry




Juegos, Aventura

AUD 0.00

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Slide your finger to the left and right, up and down, and paint the ground. Pay attention to avoid obstacles and use props.

Game features:
-Easy to play
-Creative and unique gameplay
-Comfortable and rich visual effects ........ read more

Release Notes

-Minor improvements and bug fixes

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Version 1.0.11

Content Rating 17+

User Rating 4.57207 / 5

Votes 72765

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Activision Publishing, Inc.




Игры, Экшен

AUD 0.00

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Works with: iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR; iPad Mini 4, 5; iPad Air 2, 3; iPad Pro

Call of Duty: Mobile DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, 3; iPod Touch'

Official CALL OF DUTY® designed exclusively for mobile phones. Play iconic multiplayer maps and modes anytime, anywhere. 100 player Battle Royale battleground? Fast 5v5 team deathmatch? Scary Zombies action? Sniper vs sniper battle? Activision’s free-to-play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE has it all.


Console quality HD gaming on your phone with customizable controls, voice and text chat, and thrilling 3D graphics and sound. Experience the thrill of the world’s most beloved shooter game, now on your phone for easy on-the-go fun.


Play iconic multiplayer maps from Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, available for the first time for free. Or squad up with friends in a brand new 100-person battle royale survival map. Join the fun with millions of players from all around world!


As you play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE you will unlock and earn dozens of famous characters, weapons, outfits, scorestreaks and pieces of gear that can be used to customize your loadouts. Bring these loadouts into battle in thrilling PvP multiplayers modes like 5v5 team deathmatch, frontline, free for all, search and destroy, sniper ........ read more

Release Notes

"What’s New!
New content will be released throughout the new season. Please visit our social media for complete notes.

Season 3 Update is Live! A brand-new ranked season is now available.
-New ranked rewards, including Black Ops III weapons, Python Camo series, and more!
-Ranked Improvements
oUpdated user interface
oImproved matchmaking balance
oIncreased penalty for frequently quitting
oReduced point deduction for losses below Master
oHijacked map removed from ranked MP
oDomination single round score adjusted to 75 in ranked
oTDM score adjusted to 50 in ranked

Battle Pass
-New Premium and Free Battle Pass Rewards!
-Premium Battle Pass price has been lowered
-Battle Pass tiers has been reduced to 50, high value content has remained

-New Limited Time Mode
oRapid Fire
•Faster Score Streaks
•Shorter Operator Skill cooldowns
•Unlimited ammo
-New Maps:
•TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy, Frontline, Hardpoint
•TDM, Sniper Only
-New Operator Skill and Scorest

Helix Switch Color Games 2020

Version 1.06

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4.5 / 5

Votes 2

Helix Switch Color Games 2020

Pamir Khan




Games, Strategy, Productivity, Casual

AUD 0.00

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Helix Switch Color Jump ball is the bouncing ball game. Smash through the platforms, Switch the color of your ball and get to the bottom to level up. Collect coins and stars to unlock new characters in the game. Unlock new levels and much more fun. ........ read more

Release Notes

Minor bugs fixed

Score King-Basketball Games 3D

Version 1.4

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4.6133 / 5

Votes 406

Score King-Basketball Games 3D

Jelly Candy




Games, Sports

AUD 0.00

Download Score King-Basketball Games 3D on the Appstore

Swipe up, aim at the basket, throw basketball, hit the basket, get rewards and scores.
Shoot basket race with players around the world

Game features:
-Easy to play
-Challenge mode and race mode
-Rich scenes ........ read more

Release Notes

-Level difficulty adjustment

Manor Matters

Version 1.4.2

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4.125 / 5

Votes 248

Manor Matters

PLR Worldwide Sales Limited




Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, Simulation

AUD 0.00

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Welcome to Castlewood — an old manor full of mysteries! Why is it abandoned? What’s hidden behind the tapestry? Is the manor really haunted?

Inspect and renovate rooms, find curious artifacts from all over the world, and unravel the secrets of this thrilling location together with Carl, your charming assistant! Are you ready to step inside? They left the door open for you… come on in!

● Explore stunning scenes to find hidden objects and earn stars
● Try your detective skills with a variety of modes and items
● Restore the manor to make its interiors strikingly beautiful
● Search for ancient treasure, unlocking rooms to get more clues
● Delve into an intriguing storyline with a wide cast of characters

Enjoying Manor Matters? Learn more about the game!

Questions? Contact our Tech Support at [email protected] ........ read more

Release Notes

Enjoy a new Manor Matters update!

- Explore scenes and get cool rewards during the upcoming Rockville Explorer event!

- See if you manage to find differences between seemingly identical pictures!
- Use the magnifying glass and other tools to spot the differences.

- Explore a new Kitchen scene.

Mario Kart Tour

Version 2.0.1

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4.55713 / 5

Votes 48249

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo Co., Ltd.




Spiele, Action, Rennsport

AUD 0.00

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■Multiplayer is on the way!
You can race against up to seven other players, whether they're registered as in-game friends, nearby to your location, or even scattered around the world.

■Mario Kart takes a world tour!
Mario and friends go global in this new Mario Kart as they race around courses inspired by real-world cities in addition to classic Mario Kart courses! These destinations will be featured in tours that rotate every two weeks! In addition to courses based on iconic locales, some of your favourite Mario Kart characters will get variations that incorporate the local flavour of cities featured in the game!

■Endless Mario Kart fun at your fingertips!
The Mario Kart series known and loved by many is ready to take the world by storm – one smart device at a time! With just one finger, you can steer and drift with ease and sling devastating items as you go for the gold in cups filled with new and classic Mario Kart courses.

■Nab 1st place with items and Frenzy mode!
In Mario Kart Tour you have access to an arsenal of powerful items that can mix things up on the racetrack! Turn up the heat by activating the new Frenzy mode, which gives an unlimited supply of a certain item and makes you invincible! Make the most of the ensuing chaos, as Frenzy mode only lasts a short time!

■Collect drivers, karts, badges, and more!
Earn Grand Stars by racing! You can also fire off the featured pipe to receive more ........ read more

Release Notes

Addressed known issues.

Word Bliss - from PlaySimple

Version 1.12.0

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4.73346 / 5

Votes 499

Word Bliss - from PlaySimple

PlaySimple Games Pte Ltd




Games, Word, Puzzle, Entertainment

AUD 0.00

Download Word Bliss - from PlaySimple on the Appstore

Ever wish for a game that not only works your mind but also helps calm it? Word Bliss is the ticket for your brain to go on a fun yet peaceful journey while getting better at your wordplay!

Ward off boredom and welcome tranquility playing this classic word link game that will test your puzzle solving skills, vocabulary, and spelling. And with serene backgrounds showcasing Planet Earth, your state of Zen will never be in jeopardy!

Starting with curiosity, play through these wonderful feelings, while also adding to your vocabulary word count. As you move up the levels, each picture path will match the emotion you are on.

Not as difficult as kakuro and much more interesting than any word link game out there, Word Bliss is the perfect game to put your mind at ease after a long day. Sit back, put your feet up and give your mind the refreshment it needs by forming word after word up and down the board.

How to Play:

As simple as it gets. Swipe the letters to find hidden words.

Game Features:

PLAY WHEREVER, WHENEVER - Why solve the words with friends when you can do it all by yourself offline, without Wifi or the Internet!

FREE TO PLAY – Get this word link game for FREE and put your word game skills to the test

EASY TO LEARN, HARD TO MASTER – Starting with 2 letter words and going all the way to 7 letters, it gets your brain working hard

BOOST YOUR VOCABULARY – Go on a word finding spree and raise your vocabulary ........ read more

Release Notes

The new and better version of the game now comes with bug fixes and performance improvements