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Soundboard Studio - Custom Soundboards for Professional Podcasting, Radio Shows and Musicians

Version 1.1.1

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 2.5 / 5

Votes 6

Soundboard Studio - Custom Soundboards for Professional Podcasting, Radio Shows and Musicians

JoeAllenPro Limited




Musik, Dienstprogramme

GBR 0.00

Download Soundboard Studio - Custom Soundboards for Professional Podcasting, Radio Shows and Musicians on the Appstore

"This app does what a $1800 unit does and does it better."

Soundboard Studio lets you take your podcast, live show, gig or performance to the next level. It’s a low-latency professional soundboard app for instant audio playback.

Recent comments:
- "This is for serious professionals, so if that's you, add this app to your arsenal immediately."
- "Best Soundboard App I've Used Yet"
- "Podcasters, look no further: This is your soundboard app!"
- "This app is professional grade and made for—you guessed it—professionals! You won't regret this investment."

Key features...
- Import tracks from your music library
- Import tracks & files from Dropbox
- Use iTunes File Sharing to import files from your computer
- Copy files from your favourite apps
- Switch between four boards
- Play multiple tracks simultaneously
- Loop individual tracks
- Seeking controls
- Master Pause function
- Set 'in' and 'out' points for individual tracks
- See time elapsed and time remaining for all playing tracks
- Customisable default track settings
- Drag-and-drop to rearrange tracks

Perfect for...
- Podcasters
- DJs
- Voice presenters
- Live theatre
- School teachers
- Theme park live shows
- Wedding planners
- Choreographers
- Stage Managers
- Church services
- Magicians
- Puppeteers
- Dance recitals

Soundboard Studio also makes it easy to see which tracks are playing, which tracks you ........ read more

Release notes

Functionality updates. Bug fixes.


Version 2.2.2

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

Votes 1


Bram Bos





GBR 0.00

Download Ruismaker on the Appstore

>> Ruismaker requires iPad 4, Mini 2, iPhone 5S or higher <<

What the reviews say:

"A must-have drum synth for electronic music lovers on iOS" - Keyboard Mag

"All of this comes together in a vision that’s really playable [...] this is another excellent choice for the iPad." - CreateDigitalMusic

"Small, compact and easy to use, Ruismaker is both inexpensive and a perfectly credible choice if you are after solid drum synth sounds." - MusicAppBlog


Ruismaker is a unique drumsynth plugin (i.e. it does not use samples), which is coupled with a creative Euclidean sequencer when run in standalone mode.

The plugin is fully AUv3 (Audio Unit) compatible:
- Seamless integration with Garageband and other AU hosts
- Audio Unit Instrument: making music on iOS doesn't get more convenient
- Each sound is modeled using authentic analog and FM algorithms;
- Comes with dozens of unique customizable models
- Does not use any samples; all sounds are synthesized in realtime, on the fly
- Emulates analog components, introducing subtle, natural fluctuations in the sound
- Light on the CPU, so you can run lots of Ruismakers simultaneously
- Fully automatable parameters (requires host support) and MIDI CC controllable
- Has its own preset manager

The standalone sequencer is refreshingly different:
- Program patterns using Euclidean algorithms
- Powerful random feature and mutation probability ........ read more

Release notes

Minor improvements, built with iOS 11.3 SDK

Key Detect

Version 2.1.0

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

Votes 1

Key Detect





Музыка, Утилиты

GBR 0.00

Download Key Detect on the Appstore

Key Detect identifies the key of any sound in real time. Fast & easy with your device mic. Key Detect is developed by Mixvibes, creator of pro DJ apps for 15 years, downloaded by millions worldwide.

- Detect the key of playing song for harmonic mixing when DJing.
- Train yourself to recognize any song’s key.
- Learn musical theory when playing chords.

- Hit the Key Detect button to identify the key.
- Display matching keys.
- Display key in classic notation or harmonic code.
- Follow the tunes’ tone change with dynamic display.

Mixvibes makes professional DJ software and apps. Downloaded by millions worldwide, its flagship app Cross DJ is available on Mac and iOS. Mixvibes is also the company behind Pioneer’s rekordbox™, the worldwide club standard music management software.


Twitter: ........ read more

Release notes

This version adds several improvements. Feel free to leave a review to let us know what you think and contact us at [email protected] if you encounter any issue.

// Improvements and new features:
- Continuous key analysis: start and stop analysis manually.
- Suggested compatible keys are now displayed in real time.
- Select a suggested key as the current key to display other compatible keys (when analysis is stopped).
- Display previous key values while waiting for the next result (instead of "Sound calibration" message).
- "C" is the default key when opening the app.

Bass Sight Reading Trainer

Version 4.32

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4.5 / 5

Votes 20

Bass Sight Reading Trainer

Rolf Steenge




Music, Education

GBR 0.00

Download Bass Sight Reading Trainer on the Appstore

Sight reading skills will give you access to written music and get you familiar with any style of music. Sight reading is not difficult and with enough practice everybody can develop it.

This app helps you to instantly find the notes on every part of the fretboard with a special focus on position playing.

With improved sight reading skills you will find it easier to concentrate on other aspects of music such as harmony, rhythm etc.



- 4 different modes of use:
1. Locate note on fretboard based on note in staff.
2. Locate note on fretboard based on note name and pitch.
3. Find name of note on the staff (without fretboard)
4. Find name of note presented on fretboard.

- Automatic detection of problem notes.


- Key signature support, 1-6 sharps or 1-6 flats.

- Automatic choice of the enharmonic notes for each scale to avoid double sharps or double flats in the key signature.

- Scales: major, minor, melodic minor, harmonic minor, blues, pentatonic, and all modal scales.


- Support for 4, 5 and 6 string bass guitar.

- Frets are grouped to restrict the number of notes to be practiced and tested.

- Predefined fret groups, e.g.: 0-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 0-12, 13-17 etc.

- Any custom fret group can be defined.

- The fret group is highlighted as an area on the fretboard.

- Progress of your sight reading skills is ........ read more

Release notes

- Native screen resolution support for iPhone XS and XS Max.


Version 2.1

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

Votes 1


afaq farooqi




Music, Entertainment

GBR 0.00

Download GA on the Appstore

GA is the first ever vocal coaching application for Bollywood music in Hindi/Urdu language and also includes written description in English, produced by Ricky Farooqi.

GA techniques are modern for learning Bollywood music, after the vast research by Ricky Farooqi we established these techniques which give you great results in a short period of time in today’s world of fast technology. GA also explains how to improve your vocals, your music mind, your tonal quality and the right pitch of vocals by giving you scientific explanations. GA also helps you to sing different kind of music styles and genre’s example: western Jazz, Hip Hop, RnB, Bhangra, Middle Eastern and Persian scales.

As we know that the method of teaching has been changed dramatically in the education system in the last 20 years due to the revolution of technology, from our observation we also know that the Bollywood music market are using western and middle eastern scales much more frequently. When we speak about learning singing in the sub-continent, why do we use the last 100’s of year’s old methods to learn singing? According to Ricky Farooqi’s research Bollywood music has not been able to produce a standard coaching system and structured lesson planning method of teaching singing in the sub-continent, that’s why GA is designed and developed according to today’s music and technology market.

It is about mind meditation ........ read more

Release notes

New design, voice recording feature, Facebook Twitter share option and improved performance.

Magic 95.5

Version 5.2.7

Content Rating 9+

User Rating 1.5 / 5

Votes 7

Magic 95.5

Radio One, Inc.




Music, Entertainment

GBR 0.00

Download Magic 95.5 on the Appstore

Never be without your favorite radio station. Magic 95.5 is proud to present our OFFICIAL radio app.
Listen to us at work, home or on the road. Install our app and get instant access to our unique content, features and more!

- New design and interface

- See current and recently played songs and up to date station and local news on a single screen

- Wake up to your favorite station with our alarm clock. Record a personal reminder to play before waking to the station.

- Fall asleep while listening to your favorite station

- Access station's weekly show schedules so you don’t miss a thing

- Real time weather for where you are

- Share our app via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail

- Car Mode provides simple audio controls so you can listen while on the road

This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information. ........ read more

Release notes

Our development team is continually working to bring new content and performance improvements to our app.
Here's what we've been working on:

-Performance improvements & minor bug fixes

Thanks for listening & have a wonderful day!

Radiouri din Romania - Top Stations Music Player

Version 1.3

Content Rating 12+

User Rating 1 / 5

Votes 1

Radiouri din Romania - Top Stations Music Player

Vigan Visar Haliti




Música, Entretenimiento

GBR 0.00

Download Radiouri din Romania - Top Stations Music Player on the Appstore

///***Cel mai bun aplicație radio***///

*Juca pe deplin de fundal

*Stație de căutare

*Bara de notificare cu buton de redare / oprire

*Asculta cele mai bune posturi de radio din România. Muzică, știri, sport, etc ...

***Lista de canale:

1. Europa FM 106.7
2. KISS FM 96.1
3. Radio România Actualitati 105.3 FM
4. Instrumental Music Radio
5. ProFM 97.9
6. RadioCafe Romania
7. Csángó Rádió
8. Radio Hit Romania
9. Radio Brasov 87.8 FM
10. Bucuresti FM 98.3
11. RPH Chillout
12. Radio Guerrilla 94.8 FM
13. Radio Romania Muzical
14. Radio ZU 89.0 FM
15. Rock FM 100.6 FM
16. Napoca FM
17. RPH 80s
18. Dance Effect Radio
19. Fun FM 87.6
20. Radio Romanian - Dance
21. Radio 21
22. Radio Gold FM 96.9
23. RPH Vintage Lounge
24. TexFM - Chillout
25. TexFM - Hip-Hop & RnB
26. Nostalgic Radio Romania
28. Radio No Limit-Asclta Manel
29. FavoriteFM
30. Radio Brasosv
31. Radio Crazy
32. Radio Gosen
33. Radio Crisami
34. Rádió GaGa
35. National Fm
36. Radio AvA
37. Terra FM 88.3
38. RFM Romania
39. Info Pro Radio
40. Radio Infinit 87.8 FM
41. Radio Fix
42. Radio BEAT
43. Radio România Resita
44. Smart FM
45. Radio Dor De Casa
46. Dance FM
47. Dibi Radio
48. Dracula's Castle Radio
49. Energy FM
50. Hip Hop Traditional
51. InsomniaFM
52. Paprika Radio
53. Magic FM Romania
54. Milos Radio
55. Radio Manele FM
56. Prima Radio 87.9
57. Play Radio Hitz
58. Radio ........ read more

Release notes

New design.

Rap Wars Free

Version 3.0

Content Rating 12+

User Rating 4 / 5

Votes 1369

Rap Wars Free

Shore Digital LLC




Music, Entertainment

GBR 0.00

Download Rap Wars Free on the Appstore

The vision behind Rap Wars is to provide a place where rappers can show off their talent, meet other rappers, listen to and battle each other. A place where anyone can be a rapper and anyone can become the Rap King.

Rap Wars lets rappers record raps, battle other rappers, listen to and submit their own raps as well as rate raps submitted from other rappers. It provides both free and paid beats and the recording tools to help Rappers get their music out into the world for everyone to hear. It is great fun to battle friends and strangers alike, and it just may be a stepping-stone to getting picked up by a label.

•Real rap battles fought in the palm of your hand!
•Record and publish your own raps to Facebook and Twitter in only 60 seconds!
•Battle friends and rappers from any iPhone or iPad
•Share your raps instantly with the world
•Rate raps and be rated, get discovered
•Access to 100’s of beats
•Submit your own beats

They idea of Rap Wars is that rappers from all over the world should have a chance to showcase their talents to the world. We understand that studio time is hard and expensive and that getting your raps out into the public is even harder. Rap Wars is the tool in doing both. Rap Wars gives everyone the same shot at being a famous rap super star.

Registration is required to experience the personalized features of Rap Wars, but if you choose not to register you can still have fun rapping along to our ........ read more

Release notes

We have added many enhancements in response to user requests:
- Added the ability to earn Free Beat Creds
- Improved the Advanced Audio quality while recording with headphones
- Improved Battle feature to support Facebook and Search for Rapper
- Support for iOS 7 and iOS 8
- Improved user interface
- Fixed reported bugs


Version 1.5

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

Votes 1


Landi Trance




Música, Utilidades

GBR 0.00

Download World.FM on the Appstore

World.FM, browse radio stations from all around the world.
Listen radios of United States & Canada, Europe, Africa the Middle East and India, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Discover follow and listen to what’s most important to you from the world’s largest collection of sports, news, music and talk stations. World.FM has over 100,000 real radio stations and more than thousands podcasts from all over the world. World.FM lets you listen unlimited time.

-Universal iOS app, for all small and large devices.
-Playing audio continuously in the backgrounds.
-Airplay support. ........ read more

Release notes

-Added more new channels.
-App's general fixes.


Version 3.4.92

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 3 / 5

Votes 34


Retronyms Inc




Music, Utilities

GBR 0.00

Download AudioCopy on the Appstore

It's copy and paste, just a whole lot smarter:
AudioCopy makes it easy to copy and paste sounds to or from hundreds of compatible apps.

Need help? Have an issue or question? Please email us at [email protected]


You'll find dozens of Sound Packs you can use with your creations in the Content Store! Buy them once. Use them anywhere.

Sound Packs contain tons of music Loops and Samples that you can use in hundreds of AudioCopy-compatible apps, and other audio and music apps — iOS and beyond. Packs span many genres with content created by an amazing producer lineup. We've partnered with the leading publisher of royalty free content, Loopmasters!

You can use Sound Packs from the Content Store in top music iOS apps like Launchpad, iMPC Pro, Tabletop, GarageBand, FL Studio, Cubasis, Auria, DM1 and hundreds more. Or drag your sounds to your desktop and use them anywhere.

The first round is on us! Unlock a free Sound Pack when you register AudioCopy.


More than a clipboard:
AudioCopy is a catalog for your sounds. Browse and audition all the sounds you've copied. Import your own sound libraries, store sounds centrally for easy use in your favorite apps.

Capture your sounds:
AudioCopy now comes with a built-in sound recorder. Record, pause, record some more.

A convenient sound editor:b
Trimming? Yeah we've got that. You can also normalize, fade, and reverse to name a few. Zoom in for ........ read more

Release notes

This update includes bug fixes and performance updates. Here are the specifics:
- Fixed an issue with folder names
- Fixed the 0:00 bug that some users were experiencing
- Various minor bugs reported by users

If you're happy with this update, please leave us a review! If you have any questions, please email [email protected] :)