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Vocal Views

Vocal Views Ltd

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Vocal Views provides an innovative platform where you can sign up and get involved in qualitative market research studies. It gives our registered members the opportunity to tell companies large and small how they feel about their products and services.

We’ve tried to make participating as easy as possible by creating many convenient features within the app that can be accesed once you have signed up.

You can view available projects within your area, apply for projects online, receive up-to-the-minute updates, communicate with our team via the message panel and find project matches tailored to your individual preferences.

Prior to the release of new products or advertisements, brands and advertising agencies often need to do pre-testing on members of the public (the target market) . On other occasions you may be part of the process of identifying opportunities and problems for products owned by multi-billion dollar brands.

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iOS 11 Support
iPhone X Support
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