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Drink Less

Version 2.0.0

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Drink Less

Robert West

Health & Fitness, Food & Drink

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Are you looking to cut down how much you drink? If so, we can help. Drink Less is a super-easy to use app that allows you to keep track of how much you drink, set goals to drink less, get feedback on whether what you’re doing is working and access some unique and fun ways of changing your attitude towards alcohol.

You can:

– Keep track of your drinking and see how it changes over time
– Set goals for the targets that matter to you and get feedback on your progress towards them
– Complete a daily mood diary so you can better understand the effects of your drinking
– Play games designed to strengthen your resolve to drink less alcohol
– Create plans for dealing with situations when you may be tempted to drink excessively
- Check out some insights into your progress

Drink Less has been created by a team of behavioural scientists at University College London; we’re researching what techniques help people reduce their consumption of alcohol. By using the app you’ll be helping us understand how to help more people drink less. And we, and science, will be very grateful. You can opt-out to withdraw your data and any time via the Help tab of the app.

This app is for people aged 18 or over.

Release notes

Lots of new features and updates for you to enjoy! We've been listening to feedback from our users and using the most up-to-date evidence to improve Drink Less.
Here's what has changed:
- a new 'Insights' feature that will show you running totals and how your drinking has been changing over time
- you can make plans in your calendar to do something other than drinking (and set reminders)
- you can work out what your drinking cues are and come up with plans to deal with them
- simpler navigation around the app
- clarifying how to edit the drinks you add
- you can enable textured colours on the graphs

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