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Coder's Stone

Version 1.0.3

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Coder's Stone

Mark Brents

Reference, Productivity

GBP 1.99

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Coder’s Stone is a programming language quick-reference. Most languages use the same concepts – variables, loops, if/else, etc. But they use different syntax to implement them -- when you work with multiple languages it can be confusing trying to keep the differences straight in your head. Coder's Stone is here to help.

It lets you pick two languages and compare them side by side. Know how to use a Select statement in VB.NET but need to know what the equivalent code in C# looks like? Need to know how to do a for each loop in Objective-C or Swift? Coder’s Stone can show you these. And much more.

Languages Include:
• Swift (ver. 3)
• Objective-C
• C#
• Visual Basic.NET
• Java
• PowerBuilder Classic

Topics Include:
• Comments
• Comparison
• Control Flow
• Loops
• Strings
• Date/Time
• Basic Math
• Plus more!

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