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Dot Kingdom - a beautifully minimalist puzzle game

Version 1

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 5 / 5

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Dot Kingdom - a beautifully minimalist puzzle game

Nish Singh

Games, Entertainment, Strategy, Puzzle

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Escape into a tranquil, minimalist utopia where small dots rule the Kingdom – a Kingdom whose life is under threat. Our King has fallen ill and our medicines are not enough! We must seek the help of the Oracle himself, but finding him will not be easy. Test your ability to save the Kingdom, journeying into deep forests and across treacherous mountains to find the Ancient Temple. The King has asked for you, and the stars have truly aligned because you’re finally here.

Dot Kingdom is a minimalist puzzle game based on a teasingly simple premise - but watch out! Whilst the puzzles start off suspiciously simple, they quickly descend into complicated little brain-teasers that take all of your puzzle-solving ability to complete. These puzzles don’t favour the weak. These puzzles aren’t designed for the feint-hearted. Some of these puzzles might even drive people to insanity! But each and every puzzle has been carefully crafted to make you feel like the tactical genius that you are when you complete them.

• 135 beautifully designed, hand-crafted puzzles, with more puzzles being designed every day! Best of all, you can enjoy all 135 puzzles for free :)
• Explore 9 different realms, with puzzles set in castles and temples to puzzles set in forests and mountains
• 6 unique and loveable characters each with their own special powers. Solve puzzles to move further in your quests so you can meet more and more of these special little dots
• 4 unique puzzle game modes, each requiring you to complete a different objective to solve the puzzle
• 4 magical spells that make each puzzle that little bit more doable. Some puzzles will give have potions in the puzzle itself because sometimes it takes a little dash of magic to solve a puzzle, but potions can be used in any other puzzle as well if you ever need a boost
• 15 unique game mechanics that keep each puzzle fresh and captivating. Be prepared to learn about a new character or new spell roughly every 7 puzzles for the first 90 puzzles!

To put it simply, Dot Kingdom is a carefully crafted collection of puzzles that are a joy to play and an even bigger joy to complete.

Show your love for Dot Kingdom by enlightening everyone that you know about the wonders of this little puzzle adventure. Spread the word, spread the love.

There are some crazy updates in the pipeline. Stay tuned for new puzzles, new features, new puzzle mechanics and a mysterious new character..

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