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Grind & Co. Ltd

Food & Drink, Lifestyle

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The Grind® app for iPhone is the quickest and easiest way to order and pay for your coffee in any Grind:

- Customise, order and pay for your coffee in any Grind, from anywhere. 2.
- Skip the queue and collect straight from the barista.
- Pay using debit / credit card, Apple Pay, or with points
- Earn, redeem and track the points on your Black Card.

London is a busy city, but an extra ten minutes in bed shouldn't cost you your morning fix.

With the Grind App, you simply select a Grind, choose your drink and customise your order, with all your favourite orders saved for next time. Pay by credit card, debit card or Apple Pay, and we'll see you at the Grind for collection. Your coffee will be ready a few minutes after you place your order.

Rewards are earned and redeemed automatically, with free coffee. If you have a Black Card already, you can link it to your account and keep earning right where you left off.

Release notes

We’ve (finally) completely overhauled the app, and it now looks worthy of your valuable iPhone screen time in 2019.

What’s more we’ve changed the app so you can order from any Grind (not just the nearest one) and we’ve even made the icon pink. You’re welcome!

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