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Sealogical Hours of Rest

Version 2.0

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Sealogical Hours of Rest



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The Hours of Rest app is a simple way of recording crew member’s Hour of Rest, as defined by the Maritime Labour Convention.

Crew members can enter in their Hours of Rest direct to the app, and submit them to an email address of their choice. Sealogical subscribers assigned to a vessel will have their Hours of Rest recorded to the vessel account automatically - no need to email.

The Hours of Rest app checks the crew member's recorded Hours of Rest against the rules defined by the Maritime Labour Convention, and if minimum Hours of Rest are not achieved at the time of submission, an alert will raised to the user, with specific information about the period which does not satisfy the minimum requirement.

Release notes

1) Added Y.CO Live branding.
2) Changed Email Template for Hours of Rest Submission for Y.CO Live and Sealogical
3) Added functionality for adding hours of rest for next day
4) Added information icon to tell users how the app works.
5) Bug Fixes.

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