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Flying Zuzzi

Version 1.3

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Flying Zuzzi

Viorel Petrea

Games, Adventure, Action

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The story begins in a small kingdom of flufy and colourful animals. King Zantinii had twins, Zuzzi and Zantos and because Zuzzi was first born she was the true heir of the kingdom but her brother Zantos never agreed with this and he was mean with Zuzzi so after the king died he took Zuzzi in the High Gardens of Rocky Mountains and took the throne for himself.

This is just a snippet of the story that follows. So stay tuned and subscribe for the future episodes of Flying Zuzzi.

Flying Zuzzi Episode I: The beginning of an adventure

Zuzzi has to fly over trees and try to advance as much as possible. This game will focus in controlling Zuzzi as you guide her to escape the forrest.

Flying Zuzzi Episode II: Friends join the adventure

Little description: Zuzzi will be joined by her friend Coco.

Flying Zuzzi Episode III: Battle for the throne

Description is secret.

Release notes

bug fixes

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