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Pixum Phone Case

Version 2.5.3

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Pixum Phone Case

Pixum / Diginet GmbH & Co.KG

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Turn your smartphone into a unique accessory. Design your custom mobile case with the Pixum Case App! The Pixum smartphone cases protect your device in style. They also serve as a perfect gift. With Pixum, your best memories are always right there with you.

• AVAILABLE FOR MANY SMARTPHONES: Choose the perfect case for your device from over 200 different smartphone models.
• SAVING: You can save the progress on your custom phone case to continue working on it at a later time of your choosing.
• TOP QUALITY: Pixum has won tests all over Europe and stands for great service and top quality.
• PERFECT PROTECTION: All of our cases are produced with state-of-the-art finishing, which means not only your phone will remain top shape, but also your custom case.
• FACIAL RECOGNITION: Your photos will now be placed and centred automatically on your phone case, based on where the face in the photo is. Naturally, you can still move your photo around as you please.
• INTERACTION: You can now easily switch between several Pixum Apps.
• 3D-TOUCH: Using the app has never been easier. You can now use several short-cuts by using the 3D-Touch function of your iPhone.
• HANDOFF: Easily switch between Apple devices without losing any progress.
• SPOTLIGHT: Make use of the search function of your iOS-device, to quickly find your previously saved phone case.

1) Choose your smartphone model and manufacturor
2) Pick one of the available phone cases
3) Select a photo (from your device or Pixum photos)
4) Freely rotate and zoom your photos
5) Order your custom mobile case

• SILICONE CASE: The flexible and shock-proof Silicone Case gives you a good grip.
• PREMIUM CASE: The Premium Case has a beautiful all-round print, until the very last milimetre.
• HARD-CASE: This sturdy case protects your phone with your own photo
• SIDE-FLIP CASE: The Side-flip Case is an elegant phone case option with its leather look and magnetic lock. Along with protecting your smartphone, the case provides space for credit cards, business cards and photos.
• DOWN-FLIP CASE: The Down-flip Case comes in faux-leather and protects your phone by closing on top through a magnetic lock.
• FAUX-LEATHER SLEEVE CASE: The smartphone sleeve case made from faux-leather forms the perfect protection from bumps and scratches for your phone.
• TOUGH-CASE: Double-layered protection! Shock-proof Silicone Case inside; beautiful Premium Case on the outside.

If you have the Pixum Photos App installed on your device, you can select your photos directly, and make them into phone cases at will.

You can choose between the Pixum Phone Case App and the webshop when you log on.
• Been working on a phone case in the Phone Case App? You can continue your work online on our website, and vice versa!

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