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iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager

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iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager



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With iSocket your Smart Home becomes really clever. Get prompt alerts - no matter how far you are from home – with or without an internet connection.

iSockets® are not just another remote switch. They fit well to your smart home as a stand-alone solution to alert you to problems in your home: power failure, break-in, temperature increasing or falling down, gas leakage, flooding and so on. You can even hear what is happening in a room, remotely. They do NOT depend on Wi-Fi connection in your home and they work with any cell phone - literally. Our concern is to provide you with prompt and reliable alerts - you decide what action needs to be taken.

Of course, you can manage your iSocket from any mobile phone, including traditional mobile phones ("old" phones), but we have developed a simpler way of management - using applications for Smartphones. This app is designed for easy management of iSocket devices. With this application you do not need to remember the names of SMS-commands. You just choose a command from the list and the corresponding SMS will be sent to the device.

Choose the iSocket you need for your Smart Home on or

iSockets are available with British plug BS 1363.

iSocket 3G is the world's first 3G smart plug for power cuts alerts from pioneers of this technology. Here what customers say:

"After returning from 10 day holiday to find the power out (RCD tripped in fuse box for no apparent reason on the night of our departure) and the contents of the fridge and freezers ruined, I decided to look for some kind of alarm/notify product and came across iSocket. Quality product. Plugged in and after installing a Giffgaff SIM took about 10 minutes to set up security and the alert numbers. I have tested and it works! In future if I get a text to say the power is out I can call my sister to go and investigate. Impressed."
- Martyn Uridge‎, Barrow in Furness, United Kingdom

"My wife and I went for a walk last night in our neighbourhood in Ottawa and found out that one of the big houses that was being built burnt to the ground the night before. This was a 2mln dollar house that was in the final phases of completion, not to mention the damage to the houses beside it. I was thinking that had they installed an iSocket, the contractors could possibly have stopped the blaze before it got out of hand. I think the iSocket is a perfect tool for contractors to monitor/protect their investments. You should be on the shelves of every Home Depot."
- Ray St.Denis, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"It's important that I know if the power supply from the marina is interrupted. If there is no power to the boat then key systems such as refrigeration, battery charge, and so on will stop, with obvious consequences. If the batter is run down, key systems such as pumps and so on will stop operating. It's important that I be notified of‪ power outages. If I get a message from the iSocket then I can call the marina office and they will go down to the boat and they will have a look and see what's the problem or might let me know if they've got a planned power outage to do some maintenance."
- Rick McAndrew from Australia

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iPhone X update

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