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Classical Muse

Version 1.2

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Classical Muse

Seth Osher


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Now you can make the most of your iTunes classical music library! Classical Muse takes just your classical music (Genre: Classical) from iTunes and organises it by Composer and Artist so that you can easily find your favourites and play whole pieces, not just single movements or whole albums.

Classical Muse finally puts you in control of your iTunes classical music library. Your albums are automatically split up by composer and performer so that you don't have to remember where they are filed. When you open the album, it will show all the related tracks so you can play the whole symphony, not just the one movement that iTunes might find.

- List your library by Artist or Composer.
- On the go? Filter just the music on your device, ignoring what is in the cloud.
- Automatically split many compilations into separate pieces of music.
- Optionally control how compilation are split.
- Search your whole classical music library for any artist, composer or title and find the whole album, not just the song.
- Queues up music in iTunes "up next" queue.
- Can add or replace the music queue letting you can select a whole afternoon of music or play what you want to hear right now.

Classical Muse works on iPhone and iPad.

Release notes

IOS 11 Compatible.
Fixed issue where playback doesn't start the first time, if iTunes is not already running.
Fixed issue on first time startup where library fails to load. Reload library button in settings works properly now after permissions have been granted.

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