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Knock Knock with Bato

Version 1.2.1

Content Rating 4+

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Knock Knock with Bato

Dr. Stephen Fedtke, System Software

Education, Games, Puzzle, Family

GBP 0.99

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Knock Knock! Anyone home? Who does that sound like?
Help Bato, the little bat, collect his friends from their homes, and help him guess who lives behind the many doors at his farm.
You won't believe who you will find. And they will all be happy to see you and want to come with us to the big, interactive concert in the music barn.
That's because making music together is so much fun—for big and little bats alike!

For little kids, knocking on doors is very exciting:
Who might be living behind this door? Who's making that noise?
Let your child knock on the iPad and, based on the funny sounds, guess which one of Bato’s friends lives in each of the wacky houses.
Meet the shy donkey, the hilarious pig, the lazy tomcat, and many other whimsical animals. There's so much going on at this farm!

Even the smallest members of your family will hone their concentration skills and learn to listen to and recognize various sounds they hear.

And whenever they guess wrong, playful animations lend them a hand with fun and motivating little clues.
Every child will look forward to the entertaining finale in the music barn—making music together is the best way to promote creativity and brain development!

In OTATAA’s children's app laboratory, “Knock Knock” was one of the most popular apps among small and big testers alike.
Knock Knock with Bato provides educational fun for the entire family and can be played individually or together with your child.

OTATAA Apps encourage your child to:
• Perceive and recognize noises and voices around them
• Understand action and reaction and distinguish between them
• Practice making decisions and experience the results of “right” and “wrong” answers
• Develop a love of music and of playing music together with others
• Make music themselves and develop their musical creativity
• Activate and develop their visual creativity and sensitivity by providing them with lovingly created and unique illustrations that are purposely different from the usual “clean” digital style

• 12 friends to discover, each of whom has their own unique character
• 13 interactive scenes with more than 80 marvelous animations
• Original soundtrack and sound design made specifically for children
• An interactive music scene with 15 merry instruments

Knock Knock is based on OTATAA’s children's app guidelines for developmentally appropriate, entertaining, and motivating digital content for children.

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Release notes

Fixed display issues on newer iOS devices

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