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Damocles - Goals with Consequences

Version 1.1

Content Rating 4+

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Damocles - Goals with Consequences

Raised Square, LLC

Productivity, Utilities

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Damocles is a simple merciless goal tracker. You must acknowledge your goals *every day*, and you are encouraged to pledge money to be donated should you happen to fail.

• Free and fully functional! You are encouraged to donate your "failure pledges" to charity, or you may opt to support Damocles development.
• No fussy scheduling or tracking. Even if you only want to perform a goal on weekdays (for example), you still must acknowledge that goal daily to keep it in the forefront of your mind.
• Minimalist design and frill-free: just state your goal, the numbers of days you'll stick with it, and how much you pledge (you can even pledge nothing).
• Efficient UI: mark a goal successful with a single swipe.
• 24-hour grace period. We're not monsters.

Damocles was a Greek figure who thought it would be cool to be king, until the king rigged up the throne to have a huge sword hanging above it, dangling from a single hair from a horse's tail. So it's one of the earliest known Spider-man references, "with great power comes great responsibility." These days it's used more generally to refer to any precarious situation. Hence, "Damocles: Goals with Consequences."

Release notes

Bug fixes and a larger text box for goal titles

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