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Feet and Inches Calculator

Version 6.08

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Feet and Inches Calculator

Evan Winograd


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The #1 Feet/Inch Calculator app!

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New Layout:
Blue = Feet Input (or other imperial)
Green = Inches Input (or metric)

Turn on Advanced for Area and Volume Calculations

Tools: Converter, Triangle, Scale, Circle, Chords / Arcs, Stair Stringers, Board Feet

Old Layout:
How to use the app:
--- The top line is your final result
--- The second line shows your current input
--- The top panel (with feet selected) is used to input feet
--- The bottom panel (with inches selected) is used to input inches
--- The fraction column is used to input common fractions. Click x/y to access x/16,x/32, and x/64 fractions
--- Input meters, cm, or mm by selecting the corresponding tab. Either panel will work for input
--- Calculate a percentage of the final answer using the % tab
--- Click Review to review your calculation steps
--- Click All Clear (bottom right) to start a new calculation

Release notes

Updated "Restore Purchases"

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