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Pretzel - travel & languages

Version 1.4.3

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Pretzel - travel & languages

Pretzel, Inc.

Travel, Social Networking

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Pretzel: connect travelers with like-minded locals for recommendations and advice AND connect language learners with native speakers for 1-on-1 practice. Pretzel is a video messaging app, so you will always talk with real people and not bots or spammers. There’s no pressure because turn-by-turn video messaging lets you watch and reply to messages whenever it fits your schedule. There are no appointments in Pretzel and you can connect to people in any time zone.

In exchange for the free help you get, simply pay-it-forward by giving help to other users who want advice about where you live or who want to practice your native language.

Pretzel is free to download and free to:

- Receive unlimited video messages.
- Browse everyone, everywhere.
- Make unlimited connections all over the world.
- Send up to 30 video messages every 24 hours.
- Add multiple expert or practice languages

If you ever hit the daily send-message limit, either wait for a fresh batch of messages or buy Extra Messages, which never expire.

In Pretzel, a conversation begins if and only if both parties want to connect. Indicate who you want to talk with by simply swiping right on the photo when browsing. When you connect, we reveal who is helping whom.

There’s never any confusion about who should initiate. Each conversation in Pretzel begins with the expert’s pre-recorded video greeting.

- Talk like a local: for practicing a language you want to improve
- Travel like a local: for getting advice about a particular country or city
- Give help to others: to meet new people from all over the world

Anyone can use Pretzel, but you can especially benefit if...

... you love to travel, but seek experiences that go beyond the typical tourist traps

... you just moved to a new city and want to meet new people who speak your language(s)

... you are currently enrolled in language courses or using language-learning apps and software, but don’t have the confidence to actually speak the language

... you previously studied a foreign language, but don’t have enough opportunity to strengthen or maintain those skills

... you like meeting new people for networking, for friendship, for travel advice, or just for fun. (If this describes you, make sure you browse in "Give help to others" mode)

Please note, the following permissions are required to use Pretzel: Location, Camera, Microphone

Sign up for Pretzel is currently enabled through your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account.

Pretzel is a registered trademark of Pretzel, Inc.

Release notes

This version corrects a technical glitch with signup.

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