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Panzer Waltz - WWII Tank Anime Game

Version 1.4

Content Rating 12+

User Rating 4.16667 / 5

Votes 6

Panzer Waltz - WWII Tank Anime Game

Zheng Ma

Games, Strategy, Role-Playing, Entertainment

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“Cute girls! Stuff exploding! Cute girls exploding! You’ll find it all here in Panzer Waltz!

Experience the world of Panzer Waltz: Anime-inspired art with Live2D animations, a compelling storyline, plenty of tank action, and lots more!


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Set in a world at war with experimentation gone awry, humanity must fight against what they had created! Discover the story behind the madness as you set off to defend your fellow compatriots. Their future is in your hands! Join Zoe and friends as you discover the reasons behind the appearance of mysterious antagonists and set the world right! Otaku's way to understand WWII.

If you enjoy watching anime movies on Crunchyroll, you will find this game fascinating. It is an anime world of tanks. This is the first anime mobile games featuring top Japanese CVs, i.e. Aya Hirano, Sumire Uesaka and etc. All figures are designed base on real historical tanks in WWII.

Finally an anime game that is entertaining. Best anime game rated by thousands of users!
Internet required

*「Epic Ever-Evolving Stories」*
In a world where WWII takes a different direction, Metal Maidens fight mysterious Machine Beasts! You, the commander, experience troublesome setbacks with these naughty girls as you lead them through life!

*「Gorgeous Anime-Style Fantasy」*
Experience the Live2D visual combat system! Over 200 Metal Maidens, with character-voices, to collect and more to come with regular updates! Obtain Maidens through stories, forges, and research. Feed them, equip them, enhance, and promote them! G-Milk will be your only way to quickly reduce their fatigue!

*「Choice-Filled Explosive Strategy」*
Command multiple attack and defense teams… Your strategies are key to obtaining victory. Take out all you have and faceoff in 6V6 combat; fight through scouting, shelling, contact, and more stages! Watch sparks fly through the unbelievable visual combat system!

*「Deep Technology System」*
Metal Maidens have special technology trees; enhance and promote their combat capabilities through upgrades. Develop and upgrade your HQ, Vaults, Mines, Ports, and other Stations; be comprehensive! Upgrade your ammunition, armor, chassis, engine, and more technologies; Unlock the mysteries of it all!

From our players around the globe

"Girls and Panzer meet Kancolle / Kantai collection / Strike Witches . It's like my dream waifu of Second World Wars' tanks! I can finally get away the fan made Navy Girls, thank you releasing this game app."

"So cute and action-packed. As an otaku, I approve this game. Action and kawainess in one game. Awesome! Add more features please. More tanks. More stories. I'll definitely play this till im 75 yrs old."

"Kancolle but with tanks Actually a great game I'd recommend it to anyone who likes kancolle or can't play it for any reason. Enjoyable game with really well put together artwork."

"Kantai Collection? Sehr geil! Viele Updates, toll gezeichnete Charaktere und eine passable Story. Außer erinnert mich das SEHR an Kantai Collection (nie gespielt, aber die Rüstung der Mädchen sehen so aus) mit Panzern. Kann ich jedem empfehlen!"

"È stupendo E veramente bello. Un consiglio sarebbe da implementare le voci, cioè aggiungere più frasi e parole per le metal made. Aggiungere più gemiti quando vengono colpite. E se possibile aggiungere made con carri italiani e carri moderni"

"Abi şöyle kendi animemizi yaratip ortam kuramiozmu"

"El mejor juego "

"Il est super bien j'adore ces comme kantai collection"

"Deserve more attention Seriously.. Panzer Waltz need more attention. Very decent game. Cute character (Tanks), cute VA, nice graphic, ez gameplay, quite similiar to those infamous game, KC. Make this game to be more competitive between players, it will be a good start!"

Release notes

Patch 11-22
1. Artwork Updates: BA-6, Renault FT-17, Pz.IV F2, Centaur Medium Tank, Sd.Kfz.251/10, T-43 Medium Tank, Valentine VIII
2. Emblem System: Purchase more emblems at the shop and set in profile
3. Filter System: R&D now you can narrow down maidens to search
4. Plot Playback: Replay story of cleared chapters without combat
5. Various balance changes
6. Thanksgiving mini-event (random BG drop!)
7. Bonjour Event online!

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