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NextPage 3 Sheet Music Reader

Version 2019.2

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NextPage 3 Sheet Music Reader

OnStage Technologies, LLC

Music, Entertainment

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Imagine having all of your music with you and never having to worry about turning pages...NextPage is designed to let you do just that!

NextPage will help you rehearse and perform better by removing the burden of paper sheet music. Once you’ve loaded your music into NextPage, turning pages is as effortless as swiping or tapping the screen. Need to jump 3 pages ahead or 4 pages back? With NextPage’s Page Link feature you can do just that with just one tap. Rather use your feet? NextPage supports the AirTurn BT-105 wireless pedal controller. The days of worrying about missing a page turn are over!

NextPage was designed and built by a life-long musician/software engineer specifically for live performance and rehearsal. The interface has been painstakingly crafted to be simple and efficient so that you can focus on the music and not worry about the technology.

Release notes

- iPadOS 13.1 compatibility.
- Dark mode support. NextPage automatically adjusts its appearance to match the iPad's current appearance setting.
- Dark Music. If you turn on this new setting, NextPage will display your music in white on a black background. Any music symbols you've added will also be displayed in white. You must deliberately turn this setting on even if your iPad's appearance setting is set to Dark.
- To go along with Dark Music, existing markup shapes (music staff, arrows, boxes, etc.) can now have their appearance changed. For example, if you've marked your music with the music staff shape in black, you can now change it's color to white or any other color that works well for you in dark mode. See the release notes inside the app for details.
- Audio player bug fixes.

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