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When Expiry

Version 1.1

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When Expiry


Utilities, Productivity

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With this little app you will not worry about surprising expired things!

this app will make it easy to see the nearest deadlines that is need action before even expired.

- Easy to add an events
- Easy to edit any event
- All events will be listed in single page
- The list of events will be sorted automatically
- Feel free to add any type of event
- You can set reminder/advance notice before it expired
- You can add notes for each event

Release notes

fix datePicker localziation from Arabic to English, change default locale
fix Rate App link
fix adding new event for cell that now visible, issue because done icon animation is nil
show event count in top main page
show default alert time same button
set device info in email body
in add event page, while editing notes, single click on helper view, to exit from notes editing
show day name in date button
show day name on event cell in main page
show month name on event cell in main page
set alarm time in settings page
once event is deleted, delete event from calendar
once event click on notification center, it should open the app and show the event its self or popup message
show alert inside the app if event alert is fired during app is opened, inner alert
if app is launched, it should give correct message for pending notifications
in add new event page, set default advance notice to Same day
in add new event page, in case error , give more info on error
option to repeat alarm daily
repair function to add missing nodes in public dictionary named dictMigrationFromV1_0ToV1_1
fix issue with edit event where AdvanceNotice should get correct value
fix btnRepat initial position + binTodayDate initial position
fix issue with hideRightMenu (solved by using constraints)
if event is repeating, do not remove the event from calendar
for repeated events, the alertBody text should be meaning, omit showing remaining days, you can’t say “event will expired after 5 days“ for each day! . change it to: Reminder for:Hosting, due on: date
clicking twice on a tvTypes should close the tableview
fix disappearing Repeat button after clicking on it!
incase there are more than 1 alert in same time, in active app, they should be appear on top of each others, not just last one will be appears on top! check [handleShowEventForNotification: // done: if there is active alert, add the new comming alert to array, and tell handler to check alert array.]
fix the frame of view Ad, test it for ipad and other devices
in keyboard: add Enter (new line) button in add/edit event. and show done button above keyboard
fix launch screen at startup instead of black screen: use storyboard
add some missing app icon
fix iphoneX layout
add google ads

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