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Armadillo Adventure: Draw & Roll

Version 1.2

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

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Armadillo Adventure: Draw & Roll

Tuiske Productions Oy

Games, Adventure, Casual

GBP 0.00

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Get ready to guide your armadillo through the perilous terrain, filled with thorny bushes, bad-tempered birds and hungry komodos in this fast paced 2D sidescroller! Use your shamanic powers to clear the way, boost your speed and draw a safe path for your armadillo.

Draw your way!
Unique mechanics allows you to draw straight into the game. You can choose your own way to best help the armadillo find a way away from danger.

Keep an eye on the prizes!
Each level is filled with desirable collectables, waiting for an armadillo to come by. Try to collect them to earn luscious rewards.

Unlock more levels!
Earn stars to explore the vast map of unknown.

But watch out for baddies!
It's pretty dangerous out there so watch out for those prickly bushes and fierce animals that try to harm you. Draw into the map to aid your armadillo or...

Keep 'em coming!
With the help of your village elder, you can strike the foes with powerful lightning and send them spinning through the air. Or if you prefer a quick getaway, speed boost is a sure way to get out of danger.

Release notes

- Shiny new graphics!
- Improvable skills!
- More levels!

- Bug fixes!

Time to start drawing!

Armadillo Adventure: Draw & Roll screenshot oneArmadillo Adventure: Draw & Roll screenshot twoArmadillo Adventure: Draw & Roll screenshot threeArmadillo Adventure: Draw & Roll screenshot four