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Gratitude Garden

Version 3.0

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Gratitude Garden

Applied Happiness Ltd


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This app will help you be happier! It pushes you to think about what has gone right in your day, which has been shown to increase happiness. Every time you note down what good things have happened (and there is always something), you receive points you can use to build up a garden and also a Gratitude Card with suggestions for further things you could do to increase your gratitude and happiness.

Research shows that one of the most effective ways that people can become happier is to note down the good things that happen every day. This shifts our focus onto what has gone right, rather than leaving us to ruminate about problems.

There is a huge amount of research indicating that the act of recalling and writing down what has gone well each day is one of the best way to increase your happiness. One study found that gratitude journaling for ten weeks increased happiness by 25% over the people who didn't keep a gratitude journal. Gratitude is also linked to high self-esteem, kindness, good health, energy and generosity.

The Gratitude Garden was designed by Izzy McRae, a coach and happiness teacher. You can find out more information about her and her courses at Neville Sattentau produced the beautiful artwork. His website is

Release notes

Major update including new interactive garden and a new card pack. Happy Thanksgiving!

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