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When's My Train

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When's My Train

Robin Jewsbury

Travel, Utilities

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When's My Train is designed for you. You travel on the London Tube and you just want to know how to get to your destination, when the train will arrive and how long it will take. You don't want pointless information like the full tube map. You want to be able to share your arrival time with your social network of your choice so a friend can meet you at the right time.

Just for fun when you see something amusing on the tube you can take a picture and share it with fellow travelers on your line and you can share these "shots" with your friends on your chosen social network.

On the tube you may or may not have network connectivity and because of this we've designed the app from the bottom up to cope with network loss or intermittent connectivity.

When's My Train is totally free and we do NOT have any annoying ads in the app. If you do find it useful you have an option to contribute to us.

We know your privacy is important but the app works best if we know your location. So you we don't ask you to register, and we don't know anything about you. In that way you are not giving anything away about yourself by allowing location.

There are other good apps for London Tube. But we are different - we are designed for you - the app is simple and useful, any complexity is hidden away.

For now the App just does the London Tube - if people find this app useful we'll extend it to Trains in the UK and then trains in other parts of the world.

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