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Quantum Caring for Parents (QCP) - NICU

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Quantum Caring for Parents (QCP) - NICU

Caring Essentials Collaborative, LLC


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Admission to the NICU is a stressful and frightening event! Whether your baby's hospital stay is short or long, your presence, your touch, your voice, and your love are very important for your baby's short-term and long-term health.

This interactive app will introduce you to the world of neonatal intensive care and show you all the ways that you can help support and parent your new baby in this highly technological place.

Through the eyes of your baby, learn about:

* The NICU environment including the healthcare team, the
equipment and the sensory environment
* Pain & Stress in the NICU and how you can help your baby
during difficult painful and stressful situations
* Your baby's sleep and safe sleep practices in the hospital
and home
* The importance of positioning and movement for your
baby and how you can support your baby's posture and
movement in the NICU
* Feeding & growing your baby in the NICU from tube
feedings to breastfeeding and everything in between
* Bathing your baby, providing skin and mouth care as part
of your parenting role in the NICU
* Family well-being, parent-infant relationships, infant cues
and communication, and collaborating with the healthcare

Each node introduces you to terminology, technology, and effective parenting strategies.

All of the content is based on research findings with engaging interactivities you can complete at your own pace as well as opportunities to try out your new knowledge in a safe virtual setting.

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