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Koru Mindfulness

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Koru Mindfulness

The Center for Koru Mindfulness, LLC

Education, Health & Fitness

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Learn how to meditate with the experts at Koru Mindfulness, the ONLY evidence-based curriculum that was specifically developed for teaching mindfulness, meditation, and stress-management to young adults.

This app is built to help you develop a successful mindfulness practice. Those of you using this app while taking a Koru Mindfulness class will enjoy the benefits of syncing your meditation practice with your class.


- You will be prompted each day with reminders on the skills you learned in class that week
- Receive thoughtful tips to help you grow your practice
- An easy to use logbook that automatically prompts after each meditation session
- Receive feedback on your logbook entries from your Koru teacher and message back and forth
- Track your stats to see how you're doing
- Guided meditations
- Meditation timer with bell options
- Tips to help you grow your practice
- Video tutorials of different meditation skills


The ability to calm the chatter in our minds is a crucial skill for today's young adults who are often balancing big responsibilities for the first time in their lives: from rigorous academics, finding employment, paying bills, and being out in the world on their own.

Our research has shown us that Koru Mindfulness students are:

* less-stressed
* sleep better
* live with greater mindfulness
* live with greater self-compassion


“I am worrying less and enjoying myself more since starting Koru. I’ve gotten better at staying focused in the present and I don’t feel so stressed all the time.”

“I have found that mindfulness has pervaded my life. On and off I realize that my mind is spinning and it has become much easier for me to take some breaths and bring my mind back to the present.”

“It’s so much easier to fall asleep now that I have techniques for quieting my mind.”

“Before I took Koru, I never noticed how much time I spent lost in negative thoughts about myself. I think the biggest change for me since taking Koru is I’m not so hard on myself any more. It makes everything a whole lot easier.”

"Mindfulness has given me a toolkit to manage my stress."

"When I feel depressed, I am better able to cope instead of being paralyzed by doubt and fear."

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You can sync the app to a class at anytime by going to your profile page and entering the invitation code emailed to you during your registration process.

Release notes

Automatically push comments immediately, as well as new logbook entries.

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