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JobJob: Find a job near you

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JobJob: Find a job near you

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Looking for your next job? Easily find your next London-based job today, and anonymously see who's hiring near your location. Job seekers can find employment as bartenders, waiters & waitresses, and many other positions in the food and retail industries. Employers can find workers in their area, for their bars and restaurants through the candidates’ JobJob profiles.

Are you a job seeker? The job search is easy, anonymous and precisely based on your desired location within London. Whether it's work in the restaurant industry, retail, or any other hourly wage job, JobJob is your matchmaker to the right employment.

●Don’t bother with a CV! JobJob allows you to quickly and easily build a profile and find work.
●A CV is not necessary for the hiring process – the JobJob profile is enough for any job seeker.
●Don’t waste time with your search! Filter your job category based on your skills, offered
●Stay updated through the process. Get push notifications throughout your search process and stay constantly alert about your profile’s activity.
●Get job suggestions, save interesting jobs, see jobs you applied to and scroll your chat history in the easy-to-use job seeker and employment dashboards.
● See which employers are viewing and saving your job seeker profile and quickly connect with potential employers through the in-app chat feature.

Are you an employer and need to hire new talent? Does your bar need new hard working individuals? Find your next hourly wage employee in London on JobJob today! Hire your next bartender, waiter or waitress, shop employee or any other service industry position easily and without the headache of traditional recruitment.

●Tell employees exactly what you need from them. Search employees by skills and hourly wage.
●No need to sift through a pile of CV’s. Simply check out the employee profiles to find a good match.
●Don’t lose track of your favorite candidates. Stay in touch while you’re recruiting with the in-app chat feature.
●Keep everything organized on the easy to use Dashboard, so you can find the perfect employee quickly and get back to running your business!

Don’t wait any longer – find the right employee or employment for you!
Download this FREE app now, and get ahead of the job searching game!

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