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BGG BoardGames Information

Version 1.1.4

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4 / 5

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BGG BoardGames Information

Emilio Exposito Cordobes

Reference, Lifestyle

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Do you want to have all the information about your favorite board game in your phone or tablet?
Do you want to know what are the trending board games at the moment?
If so, this is your app!!!

Furthermore, if you have an account in "" you can log in in the app and have all your information synchronized.

This application provides access to:
- Hot Games of the moment
- Top 100 Games of the moment
- Search a Game in the whole bible of games
- "Board Game Geek" News
- Game Stats provided by BoardGameGeek (including the users rating, expansions...)
- Games in your collection
- Add a Game to your collection (do you want it? do you want to play? you own?)
- Your Plays (you can even log plays)
- Add a Friend Collection to see his/her games

MyBGG is an unofficial BGG reference app created by fans.

Let us know your thoughts and what you would like to have in the app!! In following versions we will add your suggestions.

Release notes

- Landscape for iPad
- Some other issues fixed.

All these improvements has been implemented thanks to the feedback and comments of our users about the App.
We want to thank you all for spend your time using the app and sending mails with new features and needed fixed. Please, do not hesitate to contact us, it will help to make this app one of the best to manage the BGG.

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