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Marcel Blaumann

Health & Fitness, Sports

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Getting the most out of every single training session, wether you use barbell, machine or body weight exercises - Vmaxpro analyses and guides you through your whole training.

Get analysis and optimization opportunities of competitive athletes directly into your daily training. Train velocity based, track your progress, get your daily readiness and train with optimal loads - in every workout.

With our sports scientific background, we continuously include the latest research results to make our artificial intelligence your best coach.

* Easy and quick to use
* Precise measurements
* Velocity based strength training
* Usable for any strength exercise
* AI-based coaching
* Constant motivation

*** Vmaxpro sensor is sold separately. ***

Release notes

We did a lot the last month and are excited to present the following new features
* Completely overhauled coaching
* Improved 1RM prediction
* Extended AI coaching
* Better exercise type definitions
* Improved goal definition with expert settings
* Velocity profiles on non barbell exercises
* Velocity profile from single set to failure
* Overhauled Vmaxpro management
* Dark mode integration
* Optimized camera performance
* Station-based training in team setups with up to three Vmaxpro’s per iPad
* Advanced data export for teams

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