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Nimble - Gestão de Projetos

Version 1.1.6

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Nimble - Gestão de Projetos

Jacqueline Torres

Productivity, Business

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Nimble is a solution based on Microsoft Project, developed from an agile methodology, focused on productivity, control and optimization of investments.
In portal form, it can be accessed from anywhere. Is website up. It allows users to perform project management focused on resource availability, budget control, tracking effort, duration and completion of activities from simple and effective indicators.
In the implementation of Nimble a Practicar, it uses the good management practices of OPM3 to identify the client's level of maturity in the management of its projects. In this way, the main points to be achieved with the implementation of the solution are elected.

It provides the generation of reports of Status, Progress, Resource Heat Map, control of the progress of the activities so that you and your team have complete visibility of the projects and certainty of the fulfillment of the deadlines.

The entire portfolio of projects or programs of your company can be managed from the same tool, making all actions follow a unique strategy and allowing the presentation of results of the whole set of projects.

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update ios 11

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