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Paul Ramshaw

Games, Music, Music, Family

GBP 2.99

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Zusammen is a new kind of music game.

Playing improves your sense of rhythm and your ear!

It's simple, listen to the music, follow the colors and play along.

Music games can be tricky for non-musicians .

They're often scales, keyboards, strings, notes and other stuff which is alien to our regular day-to-day lives. Unless you are a musician the differences between B & B flat can be confusing...

With Zusammen we wanted to make the actual music-playing process as simple as recognising colors.


Zusammen is built with a new kind of instrument, it's based on color pads rather than keys or strings. There's a little bit of science behind the color selection which works because at some level both music and color are based on math.

Zusammen ships with 18 different sounds from a Steinway grand piano, electric and acoustic guitars, an orchestral harp and many more. Each one is built on accurate samples of the real thing, all in the audio equivalent of high definition. We wanted it to sound great and it does.


Zusammen ships with 20 original songs and 100 original solo parts. Styles vary between light, uplifting house and slower bluesy rock with a nod to classical here and there.

There's something for everyone.

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