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KoL Kickboxing Workout

Version 1.3

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KoL Kickboxing Workout

Roy Wang

Health & Fitness, Sports

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Kickboxing Workout by YouTube's Kick of Legend!

Train along with HD video of Roy showing drills on the heavy bag, shadow boxing, and with a partner on Thai Pads! Roy shows various ways to vary, accent, and execute techniques from Muay Thai, Boxing, Savate, and Jeet Kune Do to ensure you build fight-worthy technique with your kickboxing workout.

Ultimate fitness - explosive HIIT workouts, or cruise for a long cardio burn. Don't know what to do? Try our Workout of the Day!

App Features:

- WOD workout of the day
- Theme workouts (power, agility, etc...)
- Save Customizable workouts
- Full-HD video
- Optional conditioning rounds
- Workout timer
- Optional warm up
- Find a gym near you
- Links to free video lessons detailing techniques and how to work on the heavy bag

Just choose total workout length, and go!

Roy's Kick of Legend is rapidly building a respected presence bringing hybrid martial artists together from MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Savate, Traditional Martial Arts (karate, taekwondo), Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Wing Chun, and others, offering more than any one art gives you.

Expand your mind and repertoire to have more fun, fight more effectively, and elevate your striking.

Contact Roy to be added to the Gym list or to be featured on his YouTube channel.

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Bug fixes

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