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ILD Parent Mobile

Version 1.2.1

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ILD Parent Mobile

Interactive Learning Diary Limited


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Are you a busy parent who perhaps finds it difficult to keep in touch with your child’s educational development? What are they currently learning at nursery or school? How are they progressing in different subjects? ILD Parent is the perfect solution and has been designed to assist busy parents to keep in touch with their child’s early year’s practitioner, teacher, nursery or school. Now, parents can use their iPhone or iPad to view, comment and contribute to their child’s learning diary and educational development from home by using the ILD Parent app and our unique Interactive Learning Diary (ILD) reporting software.

Please note: The ILD Parent app can only be used by parents who have a child or children attending a nursery or school which uses the Interactive Learning Diary educational reporting system.

ILD Parent enables parents to become actively involved in their child’s education in real-time. By using ILD Parent in conjunction with the ILD Parent Portal, parents can access their child’s learning diary on mobile devices or laptops and receive push notifications when the diary has been updated with new observations. Nurseries and schools can also send other notifications to parents regarding latest news, school excursions etc.


* Record home observations of your child including text, photos and video and send through the Parent Portal to your nursery or school.
* No Wi-Fi or mobile network access is required to record your observations with ILD Parent.
* Capture your child’s magic new learning moments and experiences virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors.
* Wi-Fi or mobile network access is only required when you want to send your observations to your child’s nursery or school.
* View live activities in your child’s learning diary, enlarge photos and playback videos.
* LIKE and COMMENT on observations taking place in your child’s nursery or school
* View Next Steps and Assessments associated with observation activities
* All photos and videos taken in ILD Parent are automatically saved to your device image gallery.
* With home observations, include existing photos and videos from your device image gallery.
* Quickly launch camera to record new images and videos
* Set-up and change notification preferences to receive new observation and comment alerts from your nursery or school
* Receive specific notifications and reminders from your nursery or school. e.g. “Please don’t forget your wellies on Thursday…”
* Choose from 16 languages to view the app in
* Set and manage your own PIN codes for secure access
* Register initial request for access to the parent portal, ready for nursery or school approval.

FREE User guide

ILD Parent is very easy to use but you will find a fully comprehensive user guide in the Interactive Learning Diary Parent Portal.

Release notes

- Fixed an issue with offline observation creation and sending
- Improved handling of session timeouts

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