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Spell Book (D&D 5e)

Version 2.3

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4.44444 / 5

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Spell Book (D&D 5e)

FFX, Inc.

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Now the easiest method possible for locating and storing your favorite D&D spells. First you can find a spell by selecting your class, then level, or by doing a more generic search. If you find yourself looking the same spells up often just save them to your favorites. No downloads, or weird first time procedures, just open it up and have immediate access. Not only does this app contain content from the original SRD, but also from the supplemental books as well.

Release notes

We had 407 spell included with the last version, there are 409. Now we have all 409. Thanks to you guys for pointing out the missing spells in the reviews. This app wouldn't be what it was without you guys.

Coming up:
A way to reorganize your favorites into multiple characters.

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