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HIIT Watch

Version 1.0

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HIIT Watch

Masayuki Kondo

Health & Fitness, Sports

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HIIT Watch is a interval training timer app for Apple Watch.

It is tough to carry iPhone while HIIT. (High Intensity Interval Training)

With this app, You can do a interval training without iPhone.
This app improves your training!

You can do any kind of interval trainings with fixed time work & rest timer.
(ex: 20 seconds of work, rest for 10 seconds then repeat for a total of 8sets, off course there are modifiable)

In addition to the traditional timer, this app has a special feature for a running interval training that repeats running to the goal(not fixed time of work) and fixed time rest.
HIIT Watch can detect whether you are running or not. When your running period is finished, the rest timer starts a countdown.

Interval training timer without iPhone
Display your heart rate while training
Notify beginning and end of work section with Apple Watch’s vibration and sound
Workout history sync with Apple Health

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