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Super Plexis

Version 2.2.0

Content Rating 4+

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Super Plexis

Medley Studios, Inc.

Games, Entertainment, Puzzle, Action

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Featuring fast-paced puzzle action gameplay, Super Plexis brings the joy of classic 16-bit puzzlers to your phone! The puzzle battles are easy to pick up, but challenging to master, as you work to overwhelm your opponent’s board while defending your own. Engage in real-time multiplayer matches against players online and climb the competitive ladder! Unlock new characters, abilities, skins, and portraits to suit your profile and personal play-style.

Feature List:

- Fast-paced puzzle action multiplayer against players online or computer controlled opponents

- Ranked, unranked, and invite-a-friend multiplayer game modes

- Single player game mode "Endless": Test your survival skills and earn achievements in this never ending challenge!

- Single player game mode "VS AI": Select your opponent's difficulty and practice against any computer controlled character! Earn achievements for mastering any level of difficulty.

- Customizable profile with characters, block sets, portraits, and stats you can show off to your friend!

- Shop and unlock new content with Lumina. As you match blocks in Super Plexis you earn Lumina equal to the number of blocks you clear. Lumina is also gifted to you for leveling up and making progress through different game modes.

- Leveling up will reward you with extra content like character skins, block sets, and portraits.

- Visit the Gallery to view your progress on display including Achievements and the Sound Bank.

- Seamless play across multiple devices! Your progress will sync using your Game Center account.

- An offline mode is provided for when you do not have an internet connection. Any progress made offline will sync using your Game Center account the next time you run Super Plexis with an internet connection.

- Content updates that usually occur twice a month!

Have fun and see you online!

For news, patch notes, and updates follow us anywhere below:
Twitter @MedleyStudio
Instagram @medleystudio

Also check out our Dev Vlogs on YouTube to meet the team and see some behind the scenes! (or search “Super Plexis”)

Release notes

Welcome to patch 2.2.0!

Aria's Resonance: When activated, the selected block and all same-type blocks will disintegrate with a 2 block radius, affecting stuns and deadblocks.

Cleff's Canon Barrage: When activated, 4 spawners will locate themselves on the corners of the enemy's board. Then, 4 notes will spawn randomly from the spawners and fly to the center of the enemy's board. To deflect the notes, the enemy can grab them and swipe away from the board. If the enemy drops a note, it'll start heading back towards the center of the board to deal damage.
- Each note's base damage has been increased from 4 to 8
- Uses increased from 4 to 5
- Cooldown decreased from 16s to 12s

Macktooth's Freeze: When activated, 1 of 3 patterns of frozen blocks will appear on the enemy's board. Frozen blocks do not fall due to gravity, they are not passible, and they stun anything inside of them. Over time, the ice will crack and break apart, but the enemy now has the opportunity to tap on the frozen blocks and break them apart faster.
- Uses increased from 4 to 5
- Cooldown increased from 12.5s to 15s

Vulmir's Bombs:
- Uses decreased from 15 to 10

- HP increased from 250 to 270
- Attack increased from 125 to 140

- Attack decreased from 135 to 125

- Attack decreased from 185 to 175
- Defense decreased from 65 to 50

- Block / Deadblock hangtime has been shortened
- Block's hang longer when they come out of a broken deadblock
- Block movement speed has been increased
- Upward board movement speed has been increased

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