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Identifor Companion

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Identifor Companion

Identifor, Inc.


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When parents, teachers, and aides are no longer around to answer questions and help with various needs throughout the day, who can help? Identifor’s Companion can.
Companion works on your smartphone and is specifically designed to help a person address various needs and challenges throughout the day. It uses a human avatar named Abby to answer your questions. Abby can even help with:
• Calendar management — everything goes on the calendar to stay organized.
• Reminders for anything you can imagine (morning wake up calls, medications, daily bedtime, weekly laundry, social engagements, etc.).
• Reminders delivered via phone call, SMS, phone alerts and/or Abby pop-up.
• School schedules — class times and locations, exam dates, labs, etc.
• Work schedules — start/end times for work and breaks (including reminders).
• Navigation — public transit, walking/driving directions, and even Uber.
• Money — split bills, tips, bills/coins combinations, expected change.
• Weather — plan clothing & accessories based on daily weather, etc.
• Wikihow and Wikipedia — prepare meals, fix things around the house, etc.
The more you use Companion, the more Abby will learn your routines and provide more targeted (and proactive) assistance.
While Companion was designed for teens and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, it can really help anyone who can benefit from its various modules.

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