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Oodles Education

Version 2.2.1

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Oodles Education

Tim Hudson


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Oodles is an educational app, created for tracking and celebrating non academic pupil development – it is designed to aid teachers in quickly rewarding and incentivising pupils to become well-rounded, successful individuals.

By logging and celebrating each pupil’s co-curricular progress in a fun and interactive way, Oodles gives both the teacher and pupil a lasting memory of everything that is being achieved each week, month and term. The school can then use this performance data to form a fascinating and invaluable overview of each pupil, team, year group, or the entire school.

…And this is just the start…

Oodles is centred around each pupil’s unique ‘Personal Matrix’. This is a graphical jigsaw puzzle, split into different co-curricular areas offered by the school. By exploring each area, the pupil ‘lights-up’ the pieces of their jigsaw puzzle (Personal Matrix). This clearly shows them which areas they are engaging with, as well as what is still left to explore.

As a teacher, you can see the progress of each individual student and more – custom groups can be tracked and even the progress of the entire school can be viewed.

Just like a game, Oodles utilises many engaging reward systems – for example, Points and Credits are awarded for interacting with the different areas on offer by the school. When combining the Points and Credits data, a 3D image of each student is formed, clearly showing the breadth and depth of a pupil’s engagement – all displayed in a fun graphical dashboard called the ‘Performance Overview’.

Oodles makes learning more exciting for both the student and teacher, whilst creating an amazingly detailed picture of the co-curricular progress within the school.

Release notes

What’s new
- PDF report builders for teachers
- Permissions to personalise what each student sees
- Worlds - ability to create multiple ‘world’ in which the
- User interface improvements
- Improved search functionality
- Bug fixes & general performance improvements

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