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Protect+ Audio Recorder

Version 2.5

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Protect+ Audio Recorder

MojoRocket Studios LLC

Utilities, Business

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Record. Encrypt. Send. All with a single touch. It's that easy!

Protect+ Voice Recorder with Encryption is a full-featured audio/voice recording app with a simple, elegant interface. Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, or student... or in business or the media... or anyone who needs to record or dictate voice or other audio, finally there is a solution that makes recording, encrypting and uploading those important files quick and easy. Download Protect+ today and get these features:

• Secure your audio files with strong, password-protected, ZIP-compatible AES encryption (256-bit and 128-bit) as well as original ZIP 2.0 encryption. It's optional; but the protection and piece of mind is there when you need it. No proprietary encryption here!
• On-device/at-rest encryption of your files too (when using a passcode with your device.)
• Support for multiple audio file types, like MP3 and WAV.
• Send your audio files (encrypted or unencrypted) with a single touch to your destination of choice including:
- your iCloud Drive
- one or more Google Drive, Box, or Microsoft OneDrive accounts
- a Dropbox account
- a FTP site (with or without FTPS SSL encryption)
- one or more email addresses
- other installed apps on your device like Evernote.
• Choose from several levels of audio quality for the best combination of sound clarity and file size.
• Manage your audio files in the Protect+ file library. See the history of when, how, and with whom you shared your audio files.

That's a lot of power at your fingertip -- all for about the price of a good cup of coffee. Get started with the Protect+ Voice Recorder with Encryption right now.

Other cool features:
• Enter simple notes or comments for an audio file.
• Automatically encrypt and save/upload your audio files to a favorite destination when recording is stopped.
• Choose from Waveform, equalizer, or other visualizations when recording.
• See a rolling waveform visualization of your file when playing.
• Automatically resume recording when a phone call has ended.
• Export/Import your settings and destinations via files or URLs. Share your configuration easily with others.
• Prevent accidentally ending your recording too soon with the long-press option on the record/pause button.
• Reverse Portrait orientation support. This makes recording easy on iOS devices with the microphone at the bottom.
• If you leave the app while in the middle of recording, Protect+ will continue recording in the background.
• Gain control. Adjust the input level to magnify or reduce the volume of the recorded audio.
• Use the "skip silence" feature to easily skip periods of silence to produce smaller audio files and save storage space on your device.
• Automatically stop recording after a configurable length of time.

Release notes

There are several new features and bug fixes in this latest version of Protect+!

- Built-in support for sending audio files to Box and Microsoft OneDrive.
- Unlink from your Dropbox account so you can re-authenticate or select a new Dropbox.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that prevented deleted Dropbox destinations from unlinking from your Dropbox account.
- Fixed a really annoying bug where 'Other' email destinations would not remember the connection types of 'SSL' or 'TLS' and get reset to 'unencrypted' every time they were edited.
- For trial users who haven't upgraded to the Protect+ Premium Bundle yet, the notification that recording time is limited to 3 minutes now appears before and during recording time (instead of just at the end).
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when attempting to use Upside Down (Reverse Portrait) orientation on devices with a 'notch' (iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR). Reverse Portrait functionality is not available on these devices.

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