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Periodic Timer +

Version 3.2

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 3 / 5

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Periodic Timer +

Vladimir Kelin

Health & Fitness, Utilities

GBP 1.99

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Keep track of time without being distracted by the device!

Extremely simple and easy timer that fires periodically.

- Many sounds to select + the ability to add custom ones.
- Up to 4 Quick Start items (require 3D Touch).
- Days, hours, minutes and seconds.
- Sound or vibration (if sound is off).
- Works in the background.
- 3 timer output modes: intervals, total time, countdown.
- You can cancel or pause the timer with a notification.
- Flexibility and minimalism.
- Dirty Hands Mode. Cancel or pause the timer by shaking the device!

Here is a list of known use cases based on the real feedback:

Fitness and health:
- Stretching
- Stationary bicycle (interval training)
- On a treadmill
- For HIIT
- Jogging
- Timed medication

- While frying potatoes
- Roasting steaks
- Checking an over or a grill to prevent burning

Learning & science
- Foreign language learning
- As a lab timer
- Periodic data collection
- Speech training
- Presentation timing

- Pick up
- Mindfulness
- To have a sense of time flying away :)

Q: Why the timer doesn't work in the background?
A: You should allow notifications.

Q: How to turn off the sound and turn on the vibration?
A: On the device, turn the Silent Mode on. (Side Switch)

Q: How can I add a custom sound?
A: There are two ways. Chose one depending where is the sound file located.
* If the sound on your Mac or PC:
1. Connect the device.
2. Open iTunes and select the device.
3. Select File Sharing in the menu.
4. Select the Periodic +.
5. Drug and drop the sound file to the 'Periodic + Documents' window. Or you can select the file using 'Add...' button.
* If the sound is on the iPhone (for example in the Mail):
1. Open the app were is the file located.
2. Find and touch Share button (it may be named different, for example Export).
3. In the appearing window find the list of apps. If there is no Periodic +, touch More and enable it.
4. Now select Periodic + in the Share dialog and the sound will be imported.

Q: How to switch the Timer Output Mode?
A: To switch the Output Mode touch the timer display at the top of the screen.

Q: What is Dirty Hands Mode?
A: Dirty Hands Mode allows to start/cancel the timer by shaking the device. Thus, you don't touch the screen, what can be useful while cooking, for example. The app should be open.

If you still have questions or suggestions, you can visit the support page (, the Facebook group ( or you can email me ([email protected]).

This app has a free version. You can try it before purchasing the paid.

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Release notes

- Change the workout type to "walking" to minimise impact on Move and Exercise rings in Activity app.
- Remove SocialKarama banner from the bottom. (Nobody uses that app anyway).

Dear users! I apologise for missing for quite a long time. I was working on another project. Now I finally returned to Periodic Timer.

I received many reports from you about the problem when the timer writes data to Health and Activity apps as if you were exercising. I spend a lot of time trying to find a way to fix it, but it seems to be impossible. We need the Workout Mode to allow Periodic Timer to run in the background, Health records all this data automatically when and the Workout Mode is on. And the data can't be deleted because apps can only write to Health.

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