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B2B Smart Data GmbH

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B2B Smart Data Tagcloud-App – visualize the characteristic terms of company websites.

The online presence of companies is their business card and window. It is the goal of each company to create a website which is as meaningful as possible to inform all their current and potential customers about the company in general and the company’s portfolio.

Therefore, all the terms and words on the homepage are closely linked to the specific products, services, philosophies and visions of the company.
This means terms with high occurrences are characteristics of the products, services, philosophies and visions of the company.

The Tagcloud app of B2B Smart Data offers you the ability to visualize the keywords of online presence for around 3 million German companies. The font size of terms on the cloud represents the importance of the keywords relative to all the other German websites.

It was never that easy to get a well-structured overview of the content of a website. Simply enter the URL of the desired company into the search field and confirm by clicking on the ‘next’ button will have the company’s tag cloud appear within seconds.

Sum up the Key facts:
• Visualize the website content within seconds
• Direct forward to the website with one click
• Share the tag cloud via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or SMS

We are good but we are not perfect. If you miss any website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will detect the tag cloud you are looking for and send them back to you.

Your information is a great help for us to get a complete overview of all tag clouds.
Please visit for further details about us.

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