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OLAS – Overboard Alert System

Version 1.13.1

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OLAS – Overboard Alert System

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The OLAS App is a smart system that aids fast recovery of a person or item falling overboard. It can connect with an OLAS ‘Tag’ product, to create an automatic MOB alarm system.

The single most crucial factor to a fast and safe rescue of a man over board (MOB) is reacting quickly and calmly. OLAS helps resolve your crisis in 3 key ways:

1. Alert - OLAS creates an Automatic MOB alert when connected with an OLAS Tag product. Using Bluetooth low energy, a virtual tether is created. When this tether is broken, for example, if the Tag wearer goes overboard, your mobile device’s alarm will sound, alerting your crew of the incident immediately.

2. Position - OLAS gives exact MOB position coordinates, the alarm time and your current position. These are automatically recorded and made available for a Mayday call to the emergency services.

3. Locate - OLAS shows a clear visual display, using an arrow, compass heading and distance directing you back to the exact position where the MOB alarm was triggered.

Other OLAS App features

Current Data: OLAS uses your device’s GPS for a live display of the vessels current speed-over-ground, top speed-over-ground and course-over-ground.

Navigation: display of heading and distance to user configured way points. The integrated compass displays the vessels course-over-ground, the devices bearing and the heading to the waypoint.

Course-over-ground alert: this notifies the user if the vessels course over ground varies by 10 degrees either side of the way points heading.

MOB button: Within current data an MOB button can be manually pressed which records the coordinates and initiates the MOB track back page.

VHF call: OLAS inputs all of the relevant information required when making a VHF mayday call to the coastguard including the MOB alarms coordinates and vessel information (if previously configured).

Emergency telephone call: OLAS directs the user to make the emergency telephone call whilst displaying essential information; Alert location, alert time and vessels current location.

Useful reading - information included within OLAS:
1. Brief your crew
2. Basic MOB recovery techniques

Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Release notes

Update for iPhone X compatibility

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