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Dotting Challenge

Version 1.5

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 1 / 5

Votes 1

Dotting Challenge

Ducky Planet LLC

Games, Entertainment, Action, Puzzle

GBP 0.99

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Imagine having to pop bubble wrap as fast as you can or it would explode! This fast paced addictive game is exactly that. Click the bubbles as fast as you can as they randomly count down to zero. If one hits zero it will blow up and you will be done.

To play the game you simply select a board size and begin. The board will start off with all dots at 10 and randomly count down. Once a dot hits zero it will blow up and the game will end. To stop that from happening, you press the dots and it will increase by one. You can press each dot as many times as you want, but it will stop increasing once it reaches 10.

You will get one point each time a dot decreases. The longer you can hold out the higher your score!

Good luck!

Release notes

Dotting Challenge is a fast moving simple, but addictive game.

The update includes:

Some minor interface tweaks.

This is still the same game you love with all the same features you expect.

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