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LightSpace Connect

Version 3.0.0

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LightSpace Connect

Stefano Acerbetti

Utilities, Productivity

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LightSpace CMS is the de-facto standard for advanced colour management within the global film, TV, and post-production industries where colour control is not just critical, but requires facility-wide management from a simple to use system that is display format and workflow agnostic.

LightSpace Connect enables LightSpace CMS to be used to measure and profile mobile phone screens, tablets, and connected TVs, monitors and displays, enabling users and manufacturers alike to verify screen capabilities. Using Screen Mirroring any variations between a TV's HDMI inputs and direct streaming can be compared to assessed any differences.

LightSpace Connect is compatible with all LightSpace CMS license versions.

* LightSpace XPT
* LightSpace PRO
* LightSpace CAL
* LightSpace LTE
* LightSpace HTP
* LightSpace HTL
* LightSpace DPS (Free)
* LightSpace 3-Day Rental

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Release notes

NEW: Added support of CalMan via the Unifed Pattern Generator Control Interface

Improved interface and stability of the app

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